April 5, 2022

20 must-have affirmations for Aries Season


Aries season will be ruling the sky until April 19th, and this cardinal, fire sign knows, better than any other sign, how to rule things around. Famous for its impatience and aggressiveness, the Ram sign is commonly misunderstood, and has so much more to offer, especially the needed energy to set your engines in motion. You can expect a lot of action, passion, and a strong impulse to kick off new projects and even try different, unknown paths.


Use the following affirmations to activate this season’s best features:


Acting with Courage and Strength

One of Aries’ main characteristics is its bravery; no wonder it is the sign ruled by Mars, the God of War. So during the Ram’s season, it’s crucial to repeat these affirmations that will make you access all your power, and have the attitude needed to create movements in your life:


“I am bold, brave, and unstoppable!

You should always remember that you have all these Arians virtues, and you can use them anytime you want or need. The more you repeat this to yourself, the more you will believe this is true, and it will become easier to access them when needed.


I trust my instincts, and fearlessly face obstacles.”

As a cardinal sign, Aries has a strong wild side that should be listened to more often. Instinctively, we all know what to do in dangerous or unknown situations, even being taught to ignore these feelings in us. Start listening to yourself, and your life may run easily.


“Courage and strength are my allies, and push me through facing my fears.”

Take the quote, “Courage is not the lack of fear. It is acting in spite of it” as a great example of what being brave is. And, when you feel afraid of something, access all the courage that – you don’t even know – you have to move forward.


“I am a warrior, and I choose my battles carefully.”

It is important to carefully, and strategically choose your battles, just like the weapons you’ll be using, since this will demand an enormous amount of energy; and you shouldn’t waste your precious time, energy, and resources on fights that will take you nowhere.


Taking the Leadership

Aries’ lead capacity also explains why this sign is ruled by the zodiac warrior. The Ram is capable of inspiring others with its fearless attitude and by taking the risks and responsibilities for its actions, and those are the abilities that will be reinforced by the following affirmations:


“I am the protagonist of my own history; I create my own path.”

As the main character of your life, it’s up to you to make your decisions, learn from your mistakes; choose the other characters; change roles, and perform memorable plot twists. Be inspired by the Aries energy to take any action that might be required.


“I am a kind, fair leader;”

Being a leader is about having attitudes that will inspire others, not making them afraid of you. For that reason, you should conciliate these characteristics with your actions, and this will also help you to learn from others.


“When I lead, others feel inspired by my confidence;”

Being confident is crucial if you want others to believe in you. Talking firmly, maintain a good posture, making eye contact, and be armed with information and knowledge are good ways to pass security and impress others.


“Listening to others is part of my leadership.”

When you assume a leadership position or posture, being open to listening to others and seeking feedback is crucial for measuring your performance, and maybe changing some strategies. As Arian energy can be very impulsive and radical, this is a good way to avoid such attitudes.


Getting into Action and Being a Pioneer

There is no better season than this one to start new things and dare to venture through unknown routes. Aries carries the most pioneering energy, and for being the first one, it’s the one responsible for exploring and opening ways for the other signs. Try the next affirmations for accessing these features in you:

“I act with passion and enthusiasm.”

By acting according to this affirmation, you are raising the chances of delivering your best in everything you do, and to be seen with a special glow in your eyes. Go for it, and let Aries’ fiery force set your moves on fire.

“My truth and heart guide my actions.”

You will see a great difference in your life when you start to incorporate, and mostly, act according to this affirmation. When you are aligned with your values, your next moves may come naturally, and you feel more confident about your decisions.

“I am the one responsible for creating movement in my life.”

Others may help you, but it’s your job to have the ideas, come up with a plan, develop the necessary tools and skills, and, when needed, recruit an extra pair of hands. Remember, you are the leader of your story; don’t just sit and wait because things don’t often fall from the sky.

“The new and unknown inspires me; I see no frontiers for making my dreams come true.”


Obstacles and challenges will always exist, but when you truly believe in yourself, and in your abilities to conduct the situations, no one will stop you from what you want. Let the Ram’s fearless energy guide you when you can’t clearly see the next steps.


Embracing your Individuality

Since we were born, we’ve been taught to live in society and to give up our impulses by acting in accordance with an expected behavior to, consequently, be accepted. By denying our impulses and willingness, we become standardized and far from our individuality. So here are some affirmations for you to embrace your identity and express it as a good Arian would do:


“I am free from the need to correspond to others’ expectations.”

Once you get rid of this totally disposable weight, you will experience a major relief sensation. Others’ expectations about you belong solely, exclusively to them, and now Aries will free you from them. Go and enjoy life by being your amazing self and with one less worry to carry around.


I embrace my individuality and love my uniqueness.”

We are all different in so many ways that most of the definitions don’t describe us properly. And when you try to shape yourself to fit the labels, some great and unique parts of you might be left outside; but now Aries season will come to restore your identity and give it back to you.


“I have the courage to be myself and express all my sides.”

When the sun is passing by a fire sign, the self becomes exalted, and there is no better time to let it be whatever it wants. Beyond assuming and loving yourself, you need to take advantage of Aries’ courage to show the world the sunny and sorry sides of you.


“My confidence is inspiring, and I follow whatever makes my heart pulse intensely.”

We already had this confidence conversation, and here it comes again. Confidence is a good consequence that comes from acting according to Aries’ energy, and you can expect this feedback after incorporating all these affirmations into your routine. Just don’t go too far away and cross the fine line between confidence and arrogance.


Controlling your Anger and Impulse

These characteristics are at the top of the ranking of Arians’ not-so-sunny side. The fire element has a great power of transformation, yet is capable of destroying everything that crosses its way. The affirmations below are for you to deal with this fire sign in the best way possible when it’s out of control, making the most of its potential:


“I transmute my anger into a driving force for my actions.”

An angry outburst can be highly destructive and put you in lots of trouble. Controlling yourself in the moment of rage is the key to avoiding unnecessary headaches, and learning how to deal with this anger afterward is crucial to setting things in motion.


“Controlling my anger leads me into well-thought decisions.”

Once you’ve learned to turn anger into fuel for your actions, you’ll see that by controlling it, the chances of getting your next moves right are enormous, as you’ll be able to see the whole picture more clearly.


Knowing my impulses, I take a deep breath before important moments.”

Here is an easy to remember, life-saving tip: breathe! Simple as that, since the air coming into your lungs will help balance your inner fire and stop you from acting in the heat of the moment.


“I know the consequences of acting impulsively.”

It’s a natural law that every action has a reaction, and who are we to discuss with nature? If no one can change that, all you can do is take care of your actions, in the hopes that they will come back with the best reactions possible.


And now, after repeating and incorporating these affirmations into your daily routine, you are ready to enjoy Aries season at its most!