April 4, 2022

8 steps to manifest miracles with the Aries New Moon


The New Moon represents new beginnings, and so does the Aries sign! The first lunation of the Astrological Year starts on April 1st, and comes with an extra burst of energy for your intentions, as Aries will rule the cycle. This is the perfect time for you to kick off the projects you’ve been postponing, or invest in brand-new ideas. Either way, you need to make sure your intentions are the best possible, so here is a guide for you to rock the Arian energy and manifest miracles in your life!

Aries rules over the 1st Zodiac House, which deals with the self, and for that reason, ‘self-centered’ intentions are allowed and highly recommended. It is time to put yourself first, listen to your deepest desires, and invest in self-care. This sign represents our warrior, so what dreams are worth fighting for? This lunation is begging you to assume control of your life, be in charge of your decisions, take responsibilities, and be the leader of your history.

Follow these steps to combine the best energies from the New Moon and the Aries sign, and to converge your power, thoughts, and actions towards the materialization of your dreams:


1 – Use the Aries courage to establish bold goals

How many times have you dis-encouraged yourself by thinking you weren’t good enough? I don’t know precisely the answer, but I’m sure you did this at least once. But now, with the Aries and New Moon combination of energies, the universe is telling you that anything is possible, and you have the strength and courage to take the first steps towards the life you desire.

This is the time to have big dreams and believe that you have what it takes to achieve them! The Ram sees no boundaries, and it’s motivated by the obstacles on its way, inspiring us to do the same. You should dare yourself to do the things you’ve always wanted, and also consider new ones. The Aries sign comes to teach us that today is always a good day to start a new project.


2 – Write down everything you want to achieve

By writing your thoughts, dreams, desires and ambitions, you are bringing light and shaping your projects. Therefore, the simple act of putting them into words, reinforces the message you are sending to the Universe. Once everything is on a piece of paper, keep it in a special place, and close to meaningful objects (such as crystals or religious items). A good way to emphasize what you want is by reading it out loud, as many times as you want.

This step is to materialize the changes you want to see in your life, because now it is possible to touch and see more clearly your goals. It is important to write, along with the goals, wishes and desires, what actions you will take towards their realizations. All details are welcome here! The days you will take each action, the tools you might need, and who will help you, if an extra pair of hands is required.


3 – Select the top projects that you will focus on now

Why is this step so important? The Aries’ energy can be chaotic sometimes, since it’s very dynamic and can make us start one hundred projects at the same time, but without concluding a single one. Hence, prioritizing the main ideas will help you converge your energy to one or two projects at a time. This doesn’t mean that the others won’t be executed, but some will be postponed, and so you can manage all that you want.

It’s important to visualize the whole picture when choosing your priorities, by doing the previous step writing exercise. Maybe a few things will come as a consequence of others, or some steps can be more time-consuming and demand specific skills that you’re still developing. Lowering your expectations here is a good way to avoid future frustrations and chances of giving up. This is the first lunation of the astrological year, and you’re just choosing which seeds will grow first, among all the ones planted.


4 – Believe that you can achieve everything you want and picture this moment

One of the key steps is to believe that you’re capable of doing everything you want, or capable of getting the resources and help you need. You don’t need to work alone, even though Arian energy may think so. You are the leader towards the realization of your dreams and desires, but there is no need to be the only one working for them to come true. Actually, knowing when and for whom to ask for help is crucial.

Once you are sure about your potential, it’s time to close your eyes and do a visualization exercise. You’ll picture yourself achieving your biggest desires, with specific details of this magical moment. When will it be? Where will I be? What clothes will I be wearing? Are there going to be people around me, or will I be alone? Am I going to share this with anyone? What feelings will that moment bring? And by doing this, you’ll be shaping your mind toward the goals you want to achieve.


5 – Try new things and perspectives

‘New’ is the word in focus! The New Moon phase on its own already indicates fresh starts, and it gets intensified when associated with Aries’ sign energy. The Ram is the sign of new beginnings; no wonder it’s the one that initiates the Astrological Year. So, when looking at these two energies combined, it’s evident that you need to do things out of the ordinary in order to see any change in your life.

If you keep making the same choices, following the same routine, listening to the same thoughts, talking to the same people, and having the same attitudes, are you making room for new things? With that question in mind, you need to assess what new habits, thoughts and attitudes can be incorporated into your daily routine to get the changes done. Try to take new routes, talk to other people, and look at things from a different perspective and point of view.


6 – Act with passion and enthusiasm

Aries is the first sing of the fire element, and asks you to act according to its characteristics. When we think about fire: heat, energy, and motion may be a few words that come straight up in our minds. We can also relate this element to excitement, attitude, individuality, and the potential for transformation and creation. And that flame which lives inside you and makes you shine and search for new adventures and challenges? This can be related to this element as well.

Fire also refers to desire, and when you truly desire something, it is possible to see a special glow in your eyes. To activate your inner fire and the source of your energy, you must be vigorous, do things with passion, and act with enthusiasm. By doing so, this element’s characteristics get potentialized inside you, and the motivation spark that sets your life in motion appears.


7 – Be aware that you may act by impulse, and try to control it

Self-Knowledge is the key, and also knowing Aries’ main characteristics. Like a child, Arian energy can be impatient and make you act impulsively, without considering the consequences. For that reason, it’s necessary to put extra effort into making conscious decisions. Rather than acting in the heat of the moment, you should take a deep breath (air balances the fire element) or even count until 10 before taking the next steps.

Once you are one step forward and know what to expect, it can be easier to deal with the unpleasant feelings that may come. All signs have their sunny and sorry sides, and finding a balance between them, it’s the mission here. Along with being more impulsive, you may feel yourself impatient, willing to take more risks, and wanting things to be done quickly. Learning how to control these feelings will guide you through a smoother Aries lunation.


8 – Avoid getting irritated if things don’t go as planned

The sign of the Ram has the most explosive energy among all, and may not react as well when the plans don’t go as expected. You are starting a new journey, making changes in your life, and every step must be celebrated. Try to focus on your conquers and see failures as an opportunity to learn and grow. Of course, getting angry is normal, but don’t let it consume you or move the focus away from your goals.

And by doing all the steps in this guide to manifest miracles, you will embrace the Aries’ sunny side, and use it in your favor, towards the construction of the life you desire. If you can learn a lesson from this sign, it is that you are the leader from your own story, and you have all the courage and power required to make your dreams come true.