May 2, 2022

Weekly Astrology Forecast: May 2, 2022 –  May 8, 2022

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Dear Spiritual Seeker, 

This week the theme is self-careself-love and relaxation. At the end of this week you’ll also find brand new confidence, as well the desire for new thrills and adventures. There’s also a possibility to receive unexpected wealth! 


May 2nd: Gear up for romance


On Monday, desirable and loving Venus enters decisive Aries. This will bring adventurous, thrill-seeking energy, as well as passion to your relationships. Gear up for romance because you’re definitely in for a wild ride.

Astrology Event:

Venus enters Aries 

It’s the best time to:

Go out and about with your special someone, do something out of the ordinary and awaken your senses!


May 3rd: It’s your lucky day

On Tuesday, the expansive and lucky planet Jupiter is in harmony with transformative Pluto! Bringing in good vibes, good news, and a possibility of receiving unexpected wealth!

Astrology Event:

Jupiter is in harmony with Pluto

It’s the best time to:

It’s your lucky day, open your eyes and be open to any possibility. The stars are aligned for you on this day – claim your birthright!


May 4th: Self-care day

On Wednesday, Moon enters nurturing and instinctive Cancer which would make it a great day to declutter your home,  and focus on yourself. Make it a point to care for yourself on this day. 

Astrology Event:

The Moon enters intuitive, cozy Cancer 

It’s the best time to:

“It’s me-time” Take your vitamins, go for a nature walk, read a book, sing a song, and take a mindful bath!


May 5th: Adventure and thrill!

On Thursday, the powerful Sun is in harmony with spontaneous Uranus inspiring you to go out of your shell and embrace spontaneity. Forget your list, play by ear, and do what feels right! Shake things up!

Astrology Event:

The Sun is in harmony with Uranus 

It’s the best time to:

Do something you have never done before or something you’re afraid to do. What’s on the other side of fear is your bolder version of yourself who’s itching to come out. Let him/her out!


May 6th: Melt into relaxation and blend in

On Friday, the communication planet Mercury is in harmony with loving and sociable Venus. Providing energy that will inspire you to have fun and relax, reach out to your social circle and enjoy the positive vibes together.

Astrology Event:

Mercury is in harmony with Venus 

It’s the best time to:

Heat up the grill with some burgers by the pool, or put out your yoga mats and do a mindfulness meditation or yoga with your friends. Today, you do you!


May 7th: Visualize

On Saturday, the nurturing Cancer Moon trines dreamy Neptune, encouraging active imagination, compassion, and empathy. You have amplified vision for your future,

Astrology Event:

Cancer Moon Trine Neptune

It’s the best time to:

Visualize your plans for the future and put them in your journal, look back on them on days when you feel that everything is not what it’s supposed to be, and remember how you felt on this day.


May 8th: Take charge

On Sunday, we have the First Quarter Moon in dynamic Leo, you have a newfound confidence. Tap into Leo’s dominance and overbearing character and take charge of your life.

Astrology Event:

The First Quarter Moon in Leo 

It’s the best time to:

This also makes it a great day for fun and excitement, with all the creative and bold energy that you possess – put them into action.