March 7, 2023

A Guide to March’s Full Moon Rituals in Virgo

A Guide to March's Full Moon Rituals in Virgo

If you’re into astrology and looking for a way to connect with the energy of the full moon, then this blog is for you! On March 7th, we’ll be experiencing a full moon in Virgo. This means it’s time to get your ritual on, and we’ve got just what you need to make the most of this lunar event. Read on to find out more about why this full moon is special and how you can honor it with simple yet powerful rituals! 

The Meaning Behind March’s Full Moon in Virgo 

Full moons are always powerful times to reflect and reset, but Virgo moons bring an extra layer of intentionality and clarity. 

As an earth sign, Virgo offers us both practicality and grounding, perfect for manifesting our dreams into reality. 

The energy of this particular full moon seeks to help us focus on our goals while also increasing our self-awareness. 

It encourages us to take note of where we are now and where we want to be in the future. 

Ritual Ideas for the Full Moon in Virgo 

If you’re looking for a meaningful way to tap into the energy of this full moon, here are a few ideas that incorporate some traditional elements as well as modern practices: 

• Take a bath with essential oils like lavender or rosemary. Bring some intentions along with you into the water and meditate on them while taking your soak. 

• Light some candles around your space (white candles work best). Focus on any areas where you want clarity or healing in your life. Make sure each candle has its own intention that reflects what you want from this full moon ritual. 

• Write down your reflections either in a journal or on paper that can be burned later (safely!) Think about any changes that have occurred in your life since the last new or full moon cycle began. What lessons have you learned? What insights have come up? Writing these down helps solidify them into reality! 

• Take advantage of Water Rabbit Reading’s 2023 special offer! Get an intuitive reading tailored specifically for this lunar cycle, because sometimes all it takes is someone else’s perspective and guidance to give us the clarity we need! 

In Closing:

We hope these tips will help make March’s full moon ritual even more special for you! 

Remember that no matter what kind of rituals you choose, they should always come from an authentic place within yourself, that’s when true transformation happens!

If you’d like some additional assistance tuning into yourself during this powerful time, don’t forget to take advantage of Water Rabbit Reading’s 2023 so that your rituals can reach their fullest potential!

Happy manifesting!