February 18, 2023

An Astrological Overview of the Six Planets in Pisces in February 2023


Get ready, astrology enthusiasts! In February of 2023, we’ll get to experience something truly special—all six planets will be in the sign of Pisces. But what does that mean? What can we expect from this phenomenon? Let’s take a soulful look at the six planets in Pisces to find out!

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces 

When Mercury is in retrograde, it indicates a time to slow down and take stock of our current situations. With Mercury retrograde in Pisces, we may feel particularly sensitive and compassionate towards others. We may also be more intuitive than usual and find ourselves more spiritually attuned. It’s important that we use this time to reflect on our relationships and life choices with an open heart. 

Venus & Mars Conjunct in Pisces 

The conjunction between Venus and Mars is incredibly powerful since these two planets represent love and passion respectively. When they join forces during their transit through Pisces, we can expect a heightened level of sensitivity and desire for romance or creative expression. Expect passions to run high during this period—but don’t forget that feelings are fleeting; be sure to live your truth but practice caution when it comes to delving too deeply into matters of the heart. 

Jupiter & Saturn Conjunct in Pisces 

These two heavyweights joining forces is no joke! This powerful conjunction will bring about great changes for us all as Jupiter represents expansion, optimism, faith, luck, and growth while Saturn represents discipline and structure. With both these giants transiting through Pisces simultaneously, expect heightened creativity (like never before), spiritual growth (beyond what you thought possible), and deep personal transformation (which might challenge even the bravest among us). 

In Closing:

The six planets transiting through Pisces in February 2023 bring with them an incredible amount of potential energy which can manifest positively if we focus on self-reflection and growth rather than letting our egos run wild. So make sure you’re taking advantage of this unique astrological event by tapping into its energy and using it for good! And don’t forget to check out Water Rabbit Readings’ offering for 2023 for more insight into how these six planets could affect your life. Here’s to a beautiful journey full of soulful discoveries!