March 11, 2022

Aries, when it comes to love


Aries is an independent zodiac sign that doesn’t like others to keep track of their every movement. This native answer only to their desires and impulses and will do whatever they please.

This person is flirtatious, adventurous, and very charming in the dating scene, which is why you’ll be attracted to their energy and charisma instantly. However, try not to fall for their stories so quickly. 

Aries chase their romantic interest for a while, looking confident and strong, only until he gets bored, which can be quicker than you think.

Aries people like to engage in exciting conversations and, therefore, look for intelligent and interesting people to date.

They believe they are the most innovative and beautiful people in the room, so admiring their looks and skills will earn you a few points.

When in a relationship

Aries natives are not secretive and can be read like an open book when it comes to romance.

When falling in love, they would act like a warrior who would go to great lengths to conquer their loved one’s hearts. 

They won’t give up on their pursuit and will do what it takes until their romantic interest falls for them.

On the other hand, they might feel lost when falling for someone, without understanding what is happening. 

In this scenario, Aries will act aloof, withdrawn, and even aggressive since they are unable to express their feelings.

Having Aries as a partner can be challenging. They are so independent that they have trouble putting in the other person’s shoes and thinking or feeling like a pair.

These natives are more comfortable when they are single and don’t have to explain their lifestyles to others.

If you want to build a solid relationship with them, Aries must stay independent when it comes to their social life and finances.

They usually jump from one casual affair to another, but this will completely change after falling in love.

If Aries is willing to commit with you, make sure you don’t smother them or make them feel tied down. 

These natives want to have fun and exciting lives and prefer their relationships to be adventurous. 

Your mission is to keep the passion alive and not stagnate in routine life. Don’t ask your Aries partner where they are all the time. Leave them enough space, and they’ll be as loving and attentive as you want them to be.

Look no further if you want a vital partner with their own great zest for life. Aries always seem to have the energy to keep going and keep you motivated when feeling exhausted.

In addition, they cherish their individuality, so they will accept you for who you are without judging.

The type of partner they need

Aries is interested in independent and courageous partners, just like them. Their partner must give them enough space and never dare to clip their wings when facing new challenges.

They love to take the upper hand in the relationship, so it would be wise to let them have their way from time to time, but avoid being too permissive, though.

They want a partner in crime, someone who is willing to embrace all their crazy ideas and live an exciting life without fearing the consequences.

A home buddy who doesn’t want to leave their comfort zone won’t be the perfect match for Aries.

Understanding your Aries partner

Aries has a lot of energy and expects to face a new challenge or embark on a new adventure every new day.

These natives are ambitious and optimistic but are unwilling to invest their energy in projects that won’t give them great rewards.

Aries people value their time and don’t want to waste it on people that are not worth it. They can be impulsive and don’t reflect on their actions after the damage is done, no matter how intelligent they actually are.

They can also be aggressive but let their guard down when falling in love with someone. Behind their tough exterior, there is a sensitive and affectionate person waiting to give their heart to the right person.

Dating Aries

Aries is not the most attentive zodiac sign. They will be affectionate to some extent but will definitely put their desires on the same level that their partner’s.

They are not very expressive over the phone and keep their texts short and straight to the point.

The negative side of Aries

Aries always think they are right and are too stubborn to listen to other people’s opinions. They hate being contradicted and become angry when others don’t follow their lead.

No one can stop them from putting it into practice when they want something, even if it’s not a good idea. 

Another negative trait is the fact that they get bored quickly and jump from one thing to another immediately.