Feng Shui

Psychic Predicts Your Zodiac this 2023

We have just entered a new ruling zodiac last January 21st during the New Moon in Aquarius - based on Eastern Astrology. Which signifies the Lunar New Year celebration. This means that the year of the Water Tiger has exerted its final blow. Have you noticed your life is in total disarray the first few weeks of January? It’s as if all areas of your life have issues. Well, you’re not alone and the reason for that is energy clearing. .it’s called making room for new energies.

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Find Your Lover Using Astrology

            When you’re single or still in the dating pool, it often can feel that you’re stuck only meeting bad matches. “What’s your sign?” is a pickup line some people use, but could there be truth to that? The sun sign is what comes to mind when people are talking about astrology, but there are…

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