February 23, 2022

Do Asians Believe In Western Astrology?


Regardless of whether you believe in the practice and philosophy of Astrology or not, the zodiac is a wonderful way to understand Chinese culture.

Research revealed that there is increasing popularity of western Astrology in China. The word Astrology was searched a lot more times than the Chinese zodiac over Baidu, and users in China discussed more than 400 topics related to Astrology.

Nowadays, Chinese society is increasingly choosing Western Astrology because of its artwork and literature, while Chinese Astrology is more challenging to understand.

Astrology doesn’t only reveal your personality traits, career journey, love prospects, and fortune. Although it is not a scientific truth, some Chinese people want to help the Western world have a better understanding of Chinese culture just as they do through Western astrology.

The Chinese Horoscope follows the moon instead of constellations. It’s divided into a cycle of 12 years represented by a specific animal.

The zodiac and the principles of yin and yang combined with the five elements strongly influence Chinese society. Its members based most of their decisions and beliefs on this practice.

If you ask Chinese people if they believe in the Horoscope, most of them will reply with a “no, we are modern.” However, if you ask them why they have decided to have children now, they’ll say something like, “it’s not an awful idea to have a Dragon baby.”

Most of the time, zodiac signs are a quick shorthand. Once you reveal to someone your zodiac sign, that person will form an opinion about your character or start calculating your age.

To give you an idea of the scope of astrology in China, at college, students don’t say, “I’m a freshman.” They say, “I’m a horse,” or “I’m a pig.”

Also, Chinese people believe that some animals are better than others. Therefore, parents choose the years to give birth to babies. They try to have the right combination of animals in the family for prosperity and success.

These decisions might seem trivial, but it creates a fluctuation in consumer demand, impacting the overall economy as a result.

Why Astrology is famous in China: psychological comfort matters 

Chinese people believe in Astrology because of self-recognition, entertainment, socializing, and, most importantly, psychological comfort.

Many people turn to astrology as a guide during challenging times, which gives them psychological comfort. Chinese Astrology lovers sometimes don’t feel in control of their destiny, and Astrology helps them understand the forces behind their struggles.

The people who use Astrology to gain self-recognition believe that individuals from different zodiac signs have specific and unique talents. By uncovering and boosting this talent, they can achieve success in their lives.

Chinese Astrology fans consider that the characteristics of their zodiac sign match their personalities or belief in the Horoscope because they think it helps their relationships.

Astrology has been used since ancient times to forecast wars, harvest, and national incidents. It’s a Chinese tradition to anticipate people’s fate based on Astrology.