February 26, 2023

Finding closure: Discovering Your Way to Let Go and Move On with the Help of the Transiting Moon


We all have things in our lives that we need to move on from, but it can be hard to do. Sometimes we find ourselves stuck in a cycle of rumination and regret, unable to take the steps needed to process our emotions and finally let go. If you’re feeling stuck, astrology may provide some insight into how you can break out of your rut and find closure. Let’s explore how the transiting Moon in February 2023 can help us release what no longer serves us and make room for something new.

The Transiting Moon 

The transiting Moon is an astrological tool used to interpret how the Moon’s phases affect people’s behavior and emotional states during its cycle each month. In February 2023, the transiting Moon will begin in Aries on February 10th and end in Pisces on March 6th. The energy of Aries will encourage us to take initiative, while Pisces’ energy will support self-care and reflection. As we pass through this two week period, these energies may combine to help us feel empowered enough to make meaningful changes in our lives. 

How Can I Use It To Let Go & Move On? 

When you are dealing with something you need to leave behind, look at where the Transiting Moon is located in your natal chart. This will give you insight into which area of your life needs to be addressed first as well as provide guidance around how to handle it. The sign that the transiting moon falls into also provides additional information about what type of energy you are working with during this time. For example, if the transiting moon is in Pisces, then its energy might be more creative and dreamy while Capricorn would be more practical and realistic.

The transit of the moon will also tell you when it’s time to take action; when the transiting moon reaches an aspect point (square, trine etc.), it’s a sign that change needs to happen soon or else things may become stagnant or even worse if left unattended for too long. It may sound overwhelming but once broken down into small steps, letting go and moving on can become easier because there’s a clear plan involved that gives us direction instead of just aimless drifting through emotions without any tangible progress being made. 

In Closing:

To sum up, though it may be difficult at times, letting go is essential if we want to create space for growth in our lives—and the transiting moon in February 2023 provides an ideal opportunity for doing just that! By combining Aries’ courage with Pisces’ receptivity and openness, we are able to release what no longer serves us and open ourselves up to receiving something better than ever before—if not right away then eventually (sooner than later!). If you’d like more insight into how these energies may affect your life specifically, book yourself a Water Rabbit Reading today!  ​​​​​