March 16, 2022

How emotional are water signs when it comes to love March 15


Water represents a wide range of human emotions, from love, happiness, and compassion, to sadness, fear, and anger.

This is why the relationship between two water signs can be very powerful and deep. Both partners are very empathetic and understand each other needs and desires.

Problems arise when they don’t know how to place proper boundaries as a couple. They don’t understand where to draw a line when it comes to their emotions and forget about the practical things of life.

Two Water signs love compatibility:

They naturally enjoy their company since water signs are very empathetic and nurturing. Their deep emotions give them a vast imagination, making this couple have ambitious dreams.

A relationship between two Water signs is not always easy or successful, but at least they touch each other’s hearts and are meant to be remembered for a lifetime.

Looking for a calm and peaceful romance

Water element zodiac signs are shy and withdrawn on the surface, but they display a warm and welcoming personality as soon as they feel comfortable.

They are sensitive and protect their feelings, so they are not quick to move forward in a relationship if they don’t feel confident enough.

Water gives these natives a sharp intuition, but their intense emotions sometimes cloud their judgment, idealizing things and situations a little bit too much.

They are great artists as they can symbolically express their inner worlds. In fact, this is the best way they know to express themselves without being too dramatic or confusing.

These people need to share their feelings with others to feel complete. They sometimes forget where their personality begins and where their partner’s personality starts. 

Water element signs need a quiet and stable life next to their loved ones. They don’t like being lonely or independent. However, two water signs can overwhelm each other due to intense emotions.

Sometimes their feelings resemble a calm lake, and other times they look like a tsunami. When this happens, neither of them knows how to control themselves, so they need to understand their personalities completely.

Openly expressing themselves

Water element zodiac signs are very romantic and love to make their partner feel their love. However, most of these people have low self-esteem, which can be a problem when dating.

They need to rely on their logic more often since they tend to be manipulative and use emotional arguments during fights.

Seeing things less emotionally can help this couple make better decisions and avoid self-destructive behavior.

Two water signs together don’t need words to understand each other. This is particularly beneficial since they are not very good at expressing their feelings clearly.

If both partners have clear goals and know what they want, this relationship will be fruitful and won’t encounter too much friction.

They naturally desire to be together and usually commit for life. This couple is refreshing and profound at the same time. They are very dreamy and place a lot of importance on security and safety.

Using their intuition

Water signs don’t judge other people’s feelings, no matter how intense they seem. This is why this relationship can thrive, as they know what their partner needs and how to get it for them without being negative about it.

If they focus on the chemistry they share, their connection becomes ideal. They nourish each other’s feelings and use their empathetic gifts to heal the other person’s wounds.

However, sometimes they take their sensitive nature to another level and drown in their partner’s emotions. They know nothing about boundaries when it comes to feelings.

These natives are flexible and take the shape of their surroundings, conforming to other people’s preferences. Water represents the source of boundless emotions and can adapt to any person to feel contained.

These zodiac signs are reflective and won’t react easily when provoked.