April 5, 2022

How To Attract Love With Venus in Pisces


Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and enjoyment. Depending on the zodiac sign it transits, it gives us a unique approach to romance and relationships.

On April 5th, it shifts into the dreamy and spiritual sign of Pisces, making us all more compassionate to each other and creative in our love expressions.


About Venus in Pisces

Venus represents delight, love, and beauty, the planet that allows us to enjoy the pleasures of life such as a beautiful piece of music, a good wine, or a passionate kiss.

And when it’s in a kind and naturally romantic zodiac sign like Pisces, we become even more affectionate than usual.

Pisces influences our intuition, creativity, and deep emotions. Thanks to your enhanced intuitive awareness, your love life will be filled with synchronicities, understanding what your partner needs without asking.

This zodiac sign is adaptable and understanding, encouraging you to go with the flow and stop trying to control everything that happens in your relationships.


How Does Venus in Pisces Influence Your Love Life?

Venus will be transiting Pisces from April 5th to May 2nd. This transit will make our desire for love and connection stronger than ever!

However, Pisces can be dreamy and tends to see everything through rose-colored lenses. So try not to get caught up in your fantasies when falling in love.

Still, it’s a time to love unconditionally, so don’t keep your feelings to yourself! Let them out in the open unrestricted, be creative in your love expressions, and let everyone you love know how happy you are to have them.

Your love connections will be more spiritual, and you might meet someone from a past lifetime. So expect to encounter soul mates and twin flames during the next couple of weeks!


Venus in Pisces 2022 Love Horoscopes



This transit invites you to release toxic relationships and patterns of behavior. A new astrological year begins with the Sun entering your zodiac sign, meaning that new experiences are coming your way.

However, you have to make room for them by letting go of those habits and interactions that no longer serve you.



Venus in Pisces transits your House of Friendships, Taurus. Your friends and social connections will influence your romantic life, so it’s important to communicate appropriately with the people you love.

Stop isolating yourself, invite people over to your house, and enjoy a lovely time together. Love might be closer than you think.



Venus in Pisces will transit the House of Career, inviting you to think if your professional status is carving a path you truly want for yourself.

Don’t question this with your mind but listen to your heart. When you align to your intuition and stop being so rational, other people can see the real you, establishing a more authentic connection.



You are already sensitive and imaginative, but the Venus in Pisces transit will make these traits even more potent. You’ll be all day fantasizing about your crush and the experiences you want to share in life.

But don’t let this be just a beautiful dream. Make your fantasies a reality with the help of your creativity. Think about the life you are passionate about living and plan to make them come true.



The Venus in Pisces transit triggers your House of Transformation and Spiritual Rebirth, prompting you to face your fears and become stronger afterward.

Embrace complex topics and painful memories. Make sense of your past experiences to welcome a healthier love life.



Venus in Pisces is transiting your House of Relationships, filling your heart with joy and love this Spring.

Your associations and social interactions will feel magical and fulfilling. You are usually overly critical towards yourself and others, but Venus in Pisces will make you more understanding which will be very relieving.

Share your affections as you’ve never done before, Virgo! Open your heart, and don’t let anything inside.



Venus in Pisces is influencing your House of Health, Libra. You need to take a pause and practice self-care if you want to attract a worthy partner into your life.

Relax, go to sleep early, exercise, and eat a healthy diet. Once your body is energized, you feel more creative, and your talents can finally blossom.

Taking care of yourself and changing your toxic habits will make you happier and more grateful, which will do wonders for your romantic life.



Venus in Pisces is transiting your House of Joy and Pleasure, Scorpio. It’s time to let go of the hard work and make room for experiences that you truly enjoy.

It can be taking up an old hobby, bingeing your favorite TV series, or going on a vacation! After creating more space for the things that make you happy, you are telling the Universe that you want more rewarding relationships in your life.



This transit is triggering your House of Family, reminding you that you are ready to create a family on your own, whether that includes a romantic partner and children or your pets and friends.

Family is the support system that helps you get through challenges and accompanies you through thick and thin. So take the time to appreciate these people to strengthen your connection.



Venus in Pisces influences your House of Communication, Capricorn, so it’s time to speak up! You don’t usually like to share your emotions out loud since looking vulnerable makes you uncomfortable.

However, this transit encourages you to let go of all resistances and create more genuine connections. Be honest about your feelings and trust that everything will be ok.



Venus in Pisces is transiting your House of Wealth, Aquarius. This encompasses finances but also abundance in love.

It’s time to value all the wonderful things you have in your life to attract more of that your way. 

Approach your relationships and work affairs passionately and try a more imaginative approach to your activities to rekindle the spark in your life.



This transit influences your House of Self, inviting you to engage in self-love and appreciate all the beautiful features of your personality.

Practice positive affirmations, yoga, meditation, or any other activity that makes you feel connected to your inner self. Do whatever makes you feel more confident, and you will get closer to your dreams.