April 5, 2022

How to Manifest Luck this Spring Equinox


Gratitude is a powerful practice that can bring magical results and benefits to your life. 

The Spring Equinox is one of the best times to be thankful for the most simple things in life, like the smell of morning dew, the birds chirping in the yard, or simply the fact that we are alive.

While the Southern Hemisphere is now enjoying the Fall Equinox, the Northern Hemisphere is going through the inspiring energy of the Spring Equinox.

In addition, the Aries season gives us an encouraging sense of newness that inspires us to start over with a more positive approach to our circumstances.

A new habit you might want to incorporate into your life is that of manifesting luck and abundance.

Keep reading and find out how to attract good fortune and manifest your dreams this Spring!


How to Manifest Good Luck and Fortune This Spring


1. Take Out Your Crystals

Crystals have healing properties that provide specific energies to fulfill our needs. If you don’t know which one to choose, try Citrine. 

This is a lucky gemstone that is popular for being a money and opportunity magnet. Keep a small piece of this crystal in your pocket, purse, or wallet to enhance your finances and boost your career.

Labradorite is another magical crystal that has a powerful effect on its owners. It has transformative properties that could change your business into a prosperous source of wealth.

The Green Aventurine is known as the crystal of opportunity, so keep it in your left pocket to attract new prospects this Spring.


2. Maintain An Attitude Of Gratitude

Practicing gratitude regularly can make us feel more confident, happy, and connected with our spiritual selves.

Gratitude leads you to vibrate at a higher frequency, allowing abundance to flow freely in your direction.

You can try writing down a couple of things you are grateful for every day, and you’ll notice how your approach to daily circumstances changes for the better.


3. Assume that everything you want is already yours

A spiritual law states that everything you assume to be true will be true. Therefore, start assuming that the life of your dreams is already yours! And you are just waiting with the door open for its arrival.

Remember to be grateful for each assumption you bring into reality to make its effect more powerful.


4. Make a Money Jar

A Money Jar can be a powerful talisman to attract abundance your way. Find a small jar that appeals to you and fill it with Himalayan salt.

Afterward, add a combination of the following elements to attract luck and prosperity:

Rosemary, thyme, spearmint, bay leaves, crystals, coins, nettle, and 1 dollar bills rolled up tightly.

Make sure to set your intentions in this money jar based on your fruitful assumptions!


5. Affirmations

Your inner dialogue plays an important role when attracting abundance and fortune in your life. You need to train yourself into thinking abundantly, and the best way to do so is by practicing positive affirmations.

You can try one or some of the following and then create your own:

  • I am lucky and abundant.
  • Things always work out for me.
  • My life is brimming with exciting opportunities.
  • I am fortunate and always have exactly what I need.
  • It’s so wonderful to feel financially secure and abundant at all times.

Repeat these powerful affirmations as much as you can to train your brain into recognizing these thoughts as the norm.

This will create a constant state of harmony and build an abundant mindset.


Enjoy a lucky Spring Equinox!

You have the power to manifest the most fortunate Spring in your life. Your intentions and mindset are everything. What you believe is true shapes your reality, so choose to believe that you are the luckiest person alive!