April 11, 2022

How Will Your Sign Be Affected During the Eclipse

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All eyes are on the upcoming Taurean lunation because eclipses are coming and promising to rock our lives and fates! Mark the dates on your calendar: The Taurus New Moon, on April 30, happens to also be a Solar Eclipse, while the Scorpio Full Moon, on May 16, comes along with a Lunar one.

These astronomical spectacles have a very powerful astrological meaning since they are known for bringing fast-paced changes into our lives. If we are the writers of our own history, eclipses are the director that adds some plot twists to make things more dramatic, yet interesting.

Eclipses is Astronomy

Eclipses are, by definition, an astronomical event where a celestial body temporally obscures the light of another. And when we refer to eclipses, we’re talking about the positions of the sun, earth, and moon, exclusively. These celestial bodies align several times a year, but only when their alignment takes place at a specific point in the moon’s orbit, is that we have the occurrence of eclipses.

There are two specific points at which an eclipse can happen, and they are called Lunar Nodes. These are the intersections points between the moon’s orbit and the sun’s apparent path (from the earth’s perspective).

Always coinciding with a new moon, solar eclipses happen when the moon is perfectly aligned between the sun and earth, and momentarily blocks the sunlight from arriving at the earth’s surface. On the other hand, lunar eclipses, which always coincide with a full moon, happen when the earth is exactly aligned between the sun and moon, and momentarily blocks sunlight from arriving at the moon’s surface.

Eclipses in Astrology

Way beyond the spectacle these celestial bodies perform in the sky, eclipses have a very powerful cosmic meaning. In order for an eclipse to happen, the sun and moon alignment need to take place either at the North or South Node; for astrology, these nodes, aka “Nodes of Fate” have a strong connection with karma, destiny, and our purpose, and for that reason, eclipses carry such a strong power to change the course of our lives.

Their fame for bringing fast-paced changes into our lives can be associated with events that usually come with them, such as sudden cycle endings, shocking news, and unpleasant revelations. And when the eclipse’s unpredictability hits you, you can expect some chaotic, intense times. Nevertheless, these cosmic interventions typically come intending to put you on the right track and align with your purpose.

Solar Eclipse in Taurus, on April 30

As solar eclipses are often associated with starts, be prepared for unexpected news that may lead you to fresh beginnings, and a change of routes and projects. Since the Taurus sign will host this event, the news could be money-related, and we might feel our stability being shaked-up.

The bull sign also deals with our capacity to materialize things, and for that reason, we can feel forced to quickly take our ideas out of the paper. Relationships are another topic that can be affected, and we may expect new people to come into our lives or some changes in how we’ve been acting towards others and ourselves.

Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, on May 16

From the Lunar eclipses, instead of ‘starts’, you can mostly expect some sudden endings, or having second thoughts that might lead you to a drastic change of attitude. As this one will happen under Scorpio sign influence, you may feel forced to end some vicious cycle.

The scorpion sign deals with mysterious, unclear things, and for that reason secrets and betrayals may be revealed, causing a change of heart within your relationships. But, instead of letting these reveals negatively affect you, use them to decide who is worth trusting.

What each sign should expect?

Aries – the eclipses may hit your financial zone, and you may be asked to use your savings. For that reason, it’s better to avoid major money-related decisions and rethink how you have been dealing with your money. But not only the money you earn from your work will be on the line here; expect also to deal with news related to money, goods, and possessions coming from others, such as inheritance and lawsuit awards.

Taurus – as one of the most affected signs, these events may bring some changes in yourself, your lifestyle, and how you are seen by others and relate to them. You may feel a decrease in self-confidence as things happen; however, once you embrace your new self, you will regain confidence and attitude. Maybe you will move into another place, city, country, or even step into another relationship.

Gemini – be prepared for some spiritual changes, as these eclipses will be activating this area of your life along with your daily routine and health. Maybe some questions will force you to take a deeper look into yourself in order to find the answers. Preserve your energy by avoiding crowds and heavy-energy places, and include some quiet time in your routine to listen to your feelings and search for spiritual guidance.

Cancer – your friendships may be affected by these eclipses, along with your creativity and urge for developing new projects. You can find yourself making new friends who share the same social and humanitarian ideals, or even ending some bonds that do not fit in your life anymore. Also, you may see some changes in your routine, in order to make room for your new hobbies and creative activities. Sunbathing can help you clear your mind and see things clearly.

Leo – as these eclipses will take place in your career and family zones, you can expect some conflicts regarding new steps at work or dedicating more time at home. You can also see some changes in your long-term plans, as new ambitions or opportunities come by. If a work crisis hits you, return to your roots in order to make more conscious decisions.

Virgo – these eclipses will affect mainly your values and  how you communicate them. The events happening around you can make you see things from a different perspective and even change your truth about something. As your beliefs are being tested, you may feel forced to stand up for them, but try not to be inflexible. Studying new subjects and talking with different people may help you open your mind and adapt yourself to the situations.

Libra – as the most balanced zodiac sign, you have the tools to face these events more calmly. The eclipses may hit you a bit harder, since they will be dealing with traumas and unhealed wounds. Some money issues may also appear, and you should avoid starting any legal dispute or trying to negotiate a payment raise. Use this time to focus on your feelings, and start doing therapy if possible. Your relationships can help you face difficulties, so trust the people around you.

Scorpio – along with Taurus, you can feel the eclipses’ consequences more intensely, since you will be hosting the lunar one. Your relationships will be in focus, along with your image and self-confidence. Be prepared for some revealing news such as betrayals, or to luckily cross with the love of your life in a random corner. The changes in your relationship may affect how you deal with yourself.

Sagittarius – for the always joyful Sagittarians, these eclipse events can bring changes into your daily routine and spirituality. You may be forced to establish a more solid routine, and put your adventurous impulses aside for a while, in order to focus on work. It is important for you to adopt healthier habits and make room for some spiritual practices in your routine, as they will flow easily during this time.

Capricorn – this sign natives may see a flash lighting up its creativity and social affairs during these events. Known as the “workaholic” of the zodiac, Capricornians will be forced to dedicate some time to developing new, fun and personal projects that might require a lot of creativity. Enjoy this time of inspiration and share some good moments with your friends, and step out of the office and try to find new hobbies and hidden talents.

Aquarius – during these events, you may deal with some family dramas that can be related to work matters. Maybe a promotion that will force you to move to another city? Or a higher salary working on the night shift? Either way, your family might not receive quite well the upcoming changes, and you will see yourself divided among different paths or choices. Trust your instincts and define your priorities to go through this time smoothly.

Pisces – the dreamy Pisceans can see themselves changing their field of study, and directing their minds towards a more concrete subject. Also, in order to avoid communication problems during this time, keep your secrets to your self and share your plans only with trustful people. Be careful with the things you post online, especially when sharing your beliefs and opinions.