July 5, 2023

July’s Radiant Gems: Your Lucky Birthstones According to the Chinese Zodiac

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Birthstones have captivated people for centuries, as they are believed to hold special powers and bring good fortune to those who wear them.

In the realm of Chinese astrology, birthstones are not only determined by the birth month but also by the individual’s zodiac sign.

It is believed that wearing the appropriate birthstones can enhance these qualities and bring luck and harmony to those born under this zodiac sign.

If you were born in July and want to explore the Chinese zodiac’s perspective, you have not just one but two lucky birthstones: Carnelian and Emerald.

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Mythology and Legends of July Birthstones:


Carnelian has been valued for centuries across different civilizations. In ancient Egypt, carnelian was associated with vitality, protection, and the afterlife. It was often used in amulets, jewelry, and burial rites. In ancient Rome, carnelian was considered a stone of courage, believed to bring success and ward off negative energies.

Carnelian is known for its vibrant reddish-orange color, which is associated with energy, passion, and vitality. It is believed to ignite creativity, boost confidence, and inspire artistic expression. Carnelian is also associated with courage, motivation, and the ability to overcome obstacles, which aligns with the attributes of the Goat zodiac sign.

Carnelian is associated with the sacral chakra, which is linked to creativity, passion, and personal power. It is believed to enhance energy flow and stimulate these aspects of one’s being.

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Emerald has a long and esteemed history dating back thousands of years. It was highly prized in ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Rome, and Greece. Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen, was known for her love of emeralds and adorned herself with these exquisite gemstones.

Throughout history, the emerald has been associated with royalty, power, and wealth. It was regarded as a symbol of status and privilege among nobility and rulers. The deep green color of emerald was believed to represent fertility, vitality, and abundance.

In various traditions, an emerald is regarded as a protective talisman. It is believed to guard against negative energies, promote emotional well-being, and offer spiritual protection. Emerald is also thought to strengthen the overall aura and provide a sense of balance and tranquility.

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Mystical Properties of July Birthstones:


Enhanced Creativity: Carnelian is said to stimulate and enhance creative abilities. For individuals born under the Goat sign, known for their artistic sensibilities, carnelian can amplify their creative expression and inspire them to explore their talents more confidently.

Increased Confidence: Carnelian is associated with boosting self-confidence and assertiveness. Goat individuals often possess gentle and sensitive traits, and Carnelian can help them tap into their inner strength, stand tall, and assert their ideas and desires with more assurance.

Passion and Motivation: Carnelian is believed to ignite passion and motivation, providing Goat individuals with the drive and enthusiasm needed to pursue their goals. It can fuel their ambitions, help them overcome obstacles, and maintain a positive attitude even in challenging situations.

Courage and Vitality: Goat individuals may sometimes struggle with self-doubt or fear. Carnelian is thought to instill courage and bravery, empowering them to face their fears and embrace new opportunities. It can also boost physical vitality, providing energy and endurance to accomplish tasks.

Attracting Good Fortune: Wearing Carnelian as a birthstone is believed to attract good luck and positive energy into the lives of Goat individuals. It is thought to enhance their chances of success, bring about favorable circumstances, and open doors to opportunities.

Improved Communication: Carnelian is associated with enhancing communication skills and encouraging self-expression. Goat individuals, known for their gentle nature, can benefit from carnelian’s ability to foster clearer and more confident communication, enabling them to articulate their thoughts and feelings effectively.

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Love and Relationships: Emerald is often regarded as a stone of love and compassion. It is believed to nurture deep emotional connections, strengthen bonds, and promote harmonious relationships. Wearing emeralds can help individuals cultivate love, understanding, and empathy in their interactions with others.

Abundance and Prosperity: Emerald is associated with abundance and wealth. It is believed to attract prosperity and good fortune into one’s life. Wearing an emerald as a birthstone can symbolize a desire for abundance and serve as a reminder to focus on opportunities for financial growth and success.

Emotional Healing: Emerald is known to have a soothing and calming effect on emotions. It is believed to help individuals heal from emotional wounds, reduce stress, and promote inner peace. Wearing emeralds can support emotional well-being and aid in maintaining a sense of calmness and balance.

Intuition and Clarity: Emerald is said to enhance intuition and provide clarity of thought. It is believed to sharpen mental faculties and assist in making wise decisions. Wearing emerald as a birthstone can encourage individuals to trust their intuition and make choices aligned with their true desires.

Renewal and Growth: Emerald is often associated with renewal and growth, both on a physical and spiritual level. It is believed to bring freshness and vitality to one’s life and inspire personal transformation. Wearing an emerald can symbolize a desire for growth, renewal, and positive change.

Protection and Healing: Emerald is considered a protective stone in many traditions. It is believed to shield against negative energies and promote overall well-being. Wearing emerald as a birthstone can serve as a protective talisman, helping individuals stay grounded, balanced, and shielded from negativity.

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Different Variants of July Birthstones:


While Carnelian is available in various forms and finishes, here are the three main types of Carnelian commonly found:

Raw Carnelian: Raw Carnelian refers to the gemstone in its natural, uncut, and unpolished state. It is typically rough and irregular in shape, showcasing the stone’s natural texture and color. Raw Carnelian retains its natural form, providing a more organic and earthy aesthetic. Some individuals appreciate the raw beauty and authenticity of this type of Carnelian.

Tumbled Carnelian: Tumbled Carnelian is a polished variety that has been smoothed and shaped through a tumbling process. This process involves placing the rough Carnelian in a tumbler with abrasive materials, such as sand or grit, and allowing it to tumble for an extended period. As a result, the rough edges are gradually worn away, and the Carnelian becomes smooth and polished. Tumbled Carnelian showcases a glossy appearance, highlighting the stone’s vibrant colors and patterns.

Natural Carnelian: Natural Carnelian refers to the gemstone that has been cut and polished to enhance its beauty while still maintaining its original characteristics. Natural Carnelian undergoes a cutting process to shape it into various forms, such as beads, cabochons, or faceted gemstones. This type of Carnelian often exhibits a polished surface, allowing the stone’s vibrant colors and patterns to shine. Natural Carnelian is commonly used in jewelry, including rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets

The choice between these types of Carnelian depends on personal preferences and the desired aesthetic. Raw Carnelian provides a more rustic and natural appeal, tumbled Carnelian offers a smooth and polished finish, and natural Carnelian showcases the gemstone’s beauty while being shaped into various jewelry designs. Each type has its own charm and can be appreciated for its unique characteristics.

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When it comes to emeralds, there are indeed several notable types, each with its own unique characteristics and origins. Here are six main types of emeralds:

Brazilian Emerald: Brazilian emeralds are known for their vibrant green color and often exhibit exceptional clarity. They are found in various regions of Brazil, including the states of Minas Gerais, Bahia, and Goiás. Brazilian emeralds are highly valued for their intense color saturation and are sought after by gemstone enthusiasts and collectors.

Zambian Emerald: Zambian emeralds are highly regarded for their rich green color and often have a slightly bluish undertone. They are mainly sourced from the Kagem and Grizzly mines in Zambia. Zambian emeralds are prized for their deep color, good transparency, and high clarity. They are known for their remarkable brilliance and are favored by many jewelry designers.

Colombian Emerald: Considered the most prized and sought-after emeralds in the world, Colombian emeralds are renowned for their lush green hue. Mined primarily in the Muzo, Chivor, and Coscuez regions of Colombia, these emeralds are cherished for their exceptional color saturation, excellent clarity, and captivating transparency. Colombian emeralds have a long history and have been revered for their beauty for centuries.

Trapiche Emerald: Trapiche emeralds are a rare and unique variety of emeralds characterized by their distinctive six-spoke radial pattern. This pattern resembles a wheel and is caused by the presence of black carbon impurities in the crystal structure. Trapiche emeralds are highly prized by collectors for their unusual and striking appearance.

Cat’s Eye Emerald: Cat’s eye emeralds, also known as emerald cat’s eye, display a captivating chatoyancy or “cat’s eye” effect. This phenomenon is caused by the presence of parallel needle-like inclusions that reflect light, resulting in a narrow band of light resembling a cat’s eye moving across the surface of the gemstone. Cat’s eye emeralds are considered rare and fascinating due to their optical phenomenon.

Lab-grown Emerald: Lab-grown or synthetic emeralds are created in a controlled laboratory environment using advanced techniques that mimic the natural formation process. These emeralds have the same chemical composition as natural emeralds and exhibit similar physical and optical properties. Lab-grown emeralds offer an alternative option that is more affordable and environmentally conscious.

Each type of emerald has its own distinct qualities and allure. The choice of which type to select depends on personal preferences, budget, and desired characteristics. Whether it’s the renowned Colombian emerald, the exotic Trapiche emerald, or the affordability and sustainability of lab-grown emeralds, all these variations showcase the enchanting beauty of this precious gemstone.

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In Closing:

July’s radiant gems, Carnelian and Emerald, hold special significance according to the Chinese zodiac.

Carnelian, associated with the Goat sign, enhances creativity, confidence, and emotional harmony. Its vibrant colors and metaphysical properties make it a symbol of luck and vitality.

On the other hand, while not directly tied to the Chinese zodiac, Emerald is a revered gemstone representing love, harmony, and renewal. Its deep green hues and spiritual properties resonate with individuals seeking growth and insight.

Whether you choose Carnelian or Emerald, wearing your lucky birthstone can bring forth positive energies, align you with the cosmic forces, and amplify your unique qualities.

Embrace the beauty and power of these birthstones to enhance your journey through life, guided by the wisdom of the Chinese zodiac and the allure of these remarkable gems.

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