March 19, 2022

March 2022 Cosmic Forecast

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March has been exciting but also challenging. The current astrological forces prompt you to navigate uncharted territory to evolve and reconnect with your true calling.

This is an excellent time to balance your psychic gifts and use them to help other people, thanks to the conjunction between the Sun, Jupiter, and Neptune. 

The more you can trust your intuition, the better you can flow with life’s changes and external chaos.

Mercury in Pisces spurs your imagination and gives you the clarity to welcome Aries season with a high note.

Now, let’s examine the significant transits for this month:

March 2nd: New Moon in Pisces

New Moons are meant to set intentions for the upcoming cycle. Pisces is a very spiritual sign, so this lunation is about listening to our higher self and discovering our hidden purpose.

This zodiac sign represents the fusion of our Soul into the infinite ocean of possibilities. 

Seize this New Moon to understand how to enhance your spiritual journey and use your psychic abilities for a good purpose.

March 3rd: Mars, Venus, & Pluto

Mars and Venus in Capricorn make a conjunction to Pluto, an emotional planet that triggers deep transformations and empowerment.

This constellation helps us commit to our inner selves and strengthen our relationships.

Mars and Pluto have a compelling drive that helps us manifest our deepest intentions. It also helps us transform harmful habits into more positive patterns.

Venus conjuncts Pluto helps us transform our relationships and self-value. This aspect generates intense vitality, so it’s essential to keep our emotions in check to avoid fighting others.

March 6th: Mars & Venus Enter Aquarius

Mars and Venus enter the rebel and creative sign of Aquarius, suggesting a strong urge to change the way we approach our relationships.

Our fears and insecurities might come to the surface so we can heal them and address our interactions from a more authentic perspective.

Before attempting to be happy with someone, you need to reawaken inner love. Don’t let self-doubt keep you from having a more satisfying experience.

Also, don’t be ashame of what you want and be proud of your unique self.

March 9th: Mercury Enters Pisces

Mercury represents our thought processes and communication, and when in Pisces, it makes us more intuitive and compassionate.

You might feel more distracted or slow, but that is because our mind is attuning to subtle frequencies.

The Universe urges you to trust its will, even during times of chaos or uncertainty. This will let you go of self-limiting beliefs and feel more confident of attracting abundance in your life.

March 10th: First Quarter Moon in Gemini

First Quarter Moon represents a period of growth, providing enough force to boost your New Moon’s intentions.

Geminis energy suggests that you shouldn’t force yourself to make a decision right now. Play with your options without feeling overwhelmed by the million directions that seem to be lying before you.

Your mind is active and curious, so take time to explore something new.

March 13th: Sun Conjunct Neptune

The Sun in Pisces conjuncts Neptune, making this Pisces season even more magical. This transit enhances your intuition and empathy, as well as a feeling of confusion and uncertainty.

Trust your inner truth, and don’t give in to your mind’s limitations. You are meant for something great. Never forget that.

March 18th: Full Moon in Virgo

Full Moons are times to reflect and take stock of your goals. This phase of the Moon will lead you to tide up loose ends and organize every area of your life.

However, these are also emotional moments where stress runs high, so it’s important to remain relaxed to avoid any outburst. 

Virgo influences our diet and health issues, and emotional distress could manifest in stomach discomfort.

Follow your intuition when feeling lost or confused, as it will lead you to the right track.

March 20th: Sun Enters Aries & The Spring Equinox

This date welcomes Aries season, the beginning of a new astrological year. This encouraging energy inspires us to start afresh and embrace a new chapter in our lives.

When the Sun transits Aries, it’s important to guide your thoughts towards a more loving frequency by listening to your heart’s desires. 

Aries is passionate, fast, and independent, so focus on the here and now instead of making long-term commitments.

March 27th: Mercury Enters Aries

The planet of intellect shifts into the fiery sign of Aries, igniting a creative potential in our minds and communication.

Mercury in Pisces might have led to some misunderstandings or confusions, but Aries will help bring them to light.

Choose your words carefully, as Aries can be reckless and aggressive when trying to make a point. Also, try to turn your ideas into actions to boost your self-confidence!

Align your words with your heart and make them a reality to live a purposeful life.

March 28th: Venus, Saturn, & the Nodes

Venus conjunct Saturn inspires you to build new structures and commit to something more meaningful. Your relationships become more solid and reflect your values and self-worth.

Venus clashes with the Lunar Nodes a few days later, closing out the month on an emotional note. This will help you realize harmful patterns that lead you to experience unhealthy relationships.

Release old attachments and elevate your purpose to greater heights. Relate with people that align with your Soul’s purpose and don’t accept anything less than complete happiness.

Energy Tips for March

March marks the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new astrological year. The astrological forces offer reflection, renewal, and new beginnings, enhancing our intuition and encouraging us to connect with our inner selves.

Be patient with your personal journey. You must be at peace with yourself before attempting to change your external reality.

If you feel tired, don’t push yourself harder. Practice self-care and trust your limits.

Dreaming is very satisfying, but it’s not enough to make a change in your life. Make your dreams part of your daily practice, believe in your inner power, and release it to help others.