April 11, 2022

May energies overview: A guide to use the stars in your favor


Welcome, May and be prepared because April month hosted some very important events, and ended with a powerful Solar Eclipse in Taurus, that it kindly handed to you. Now, it is time to deal with this intense energy, and also other significant happenings. Succeeding a fierce Arian lunation, this month’s Sun in Taurus has the challenge to provide us with enough focus and determination, so we can go on with the projects that Aries started.

May starts with a gift from April, a strong Taurean New Moon, which happens to also be a Solar Eclipse, since the moon was precisely positioned in front of the sun during their meeting. Eclipses are famous for bringing fast-paced changes and sudden plot twists, but luckily, Taurus’ calm energy can help us find some stability through the possible chaos. Just chill and be prepared to deal with any turnaround this eclipse may have for you.


All’s fair in love and war


The planet of love, Venus, enters on Monday, May 2, in the sign of war, Aries, where it will remain until the end of the month. This is the sign where Venus feels most uncomfortable being, since they deal with opposite matters; and for that reason you can expect some conflicts, yet a lot of passion.

You can also take the lead in your relationships, and in the search for pleasure. Regarding the financial aspect, you should be more careful with your money, since Aries has a very impulsive energy that can make you lose track of your savings, and even spend too much on shopping, so be as far as you can from your credit card.


The moon’s first quarter


After and intense lunation kicks off, the moon keeps on its fast pace and enters Leo sign, starting its first quarter on Sunday, May 8. This moment of action, allied with Leos’ energy, asks you to assume a leadership posture while guiding your next steps.

You can feel your energy increasing and a willingness to have more fun. So, try to include in your schedule some time to do the activities you like, and to dedicate to your hobbies.


Jupiter comes to expand Aries’ affairs


On Tuesday, May 10, the giant planet from our solar system, Jupiter, says goodbye to Pisces and steps into Aries, where it will stay for a few months. After a great and rare meeting with Neptune, the zodiac’s ‘Great Benefic’ comes full of energy to expand Aries affairs, and make us feel braver and more active, especially in the pursuit of a life more aligned with our values and beliefs.

This Aries-Jupiter combination of energies will provide you the courage to take the first steps towards your dreams realization – maybe going around the world? – or facing the society to assume and express your truly identity. Either way, expect a time of BIG actions and bold decisions, that can lead to great achievements in your life.


Brace yourself, Mercury is Retrograde!


After only 10 happy days being home in Gemini sign, Mercury will start its retrograde motion on May 10, and promises to mess up with the calm Tuesday mood. During the rest of the month, this chatty planet, will be driving on the wrong-way of the zodiac road, and this can lead to misunderstanding, miscommunication, technology misusage, and a lot of others miss.

Your well-centered and active mind can now feel disoriented, and not be able to think and see things clearly. But try not to panic! Instead, rearrange a few things to go through this time smoothly. Take extra care with your electronic devices, save your online work more frequently, have a backup of your files, leave home earlier for your appointments, avoid getting into discussions, and try to learn from any difficulties that might appear.


Full Moon full of power


A solar eclipse always comes along with a lunar one, and for this one it would not be different. The sun, earth and moon will be perfectly aligned at this month’s full moon, giving this phase a very special touch. In addition, since such a strong event will take place in the powerful Scorpio sign, its potency increases.

These events are known for bringing shifts in our life, and in this one particularly we are more prone to revival unpleasant feelings from the past, once scorpion sign is famous for holding on to sorrows and bad memories. However, take this moment as an opportunity to bring light and cure for the affairs you have been avoiding dealing with.


Mid-month overview


Here is a quick update on the planetary traffic so far: the sun in Taurus is helping us continue our projects; Venus is feeling provoked by Aries to be more active in the relations, and Jupiter is in this same sign expanding its matters; Mercury is feeling so comfy at home (Gemini) that decided to mess with zodiac communication by walking in the wrong direction. To top if all off, the eclipses might be messing with your life and already have caused you a lot of changes at this point.


Gemini assumes season control!


On Friday, May 20, the Sun leaves the Taurus’ stage to make its entrance into the Gemini season. After spending a month in the Bull sign, the sun may have left you with some fixed ideas about life, and now the Twins sign comes to shake and open your mind. So be prepared for constant mood and ideas changes, and not only from you.

The sun is seeking for knowledge in Gemini sign, so it is time to learn new things! You can have some very inspiring conversations, and these exchanges can be beneficial for both sides. Be prepared to start courses from different areas, since you will be feeling more curious. But try to focus your curiosity into learning, and not into being updated about others’ personal matters.


The moon is ‘fading like a flower’


As the moon enters its third quarter, it starts to fade in the sky, and we start to face more introspective days. This month, it will be on Sunday, May 22, that the moon will initiate this phase, and in the dreamy Pisces sign.

Pisces naturally carries a fading moon vibe; hence it will be easier to be quieter, to look into our inner questions, to then let go of things that don’t make more sense.


Mercury returns to Taurus


Long time no see, it is not the most appropriate phrase for this reunion, since Mercury has just left Taurus, and it will be back on Sunday, May 22, due to its retrograde motion. Along with the welcomes from the Bull sign, you may feel a deceleration in your thoughts, and this can be very positive.

Since this planet is in a particular motion that can cause many misunderstandings, slowing things down is a good call, and Taurus is the best sign to provide this. So, enjoy this “gift” from the universe to avoid messy situations.

The warrior returns home


After completing one more turn around the zodiac, Mars, finally arrives to its home, the brave Aries sign. This reunion will take place on Tuesday, May 24, and we can expect a lot of action for the next days; but, remember to act with passion and enthusiasm, as the Ram sign likes.

Mars’ sexual affairs will be intensified by Aries fiery energy. We can feel more motivated to go after our dreams, and more prone to fight for our beliefs. However, the misusage of Arian energy can lead to impulsive, aggressive behaviors.


Venus arrives to one of its home


After spending most of the month in the Aries sign, and feeling uncomfortable with its conflicting energy, Venus arrives in Taurus, one of its homes. Like a rich person, Venus has multiple investments and “owns” two homes within the zodiac. On Saturday, May 28, when the planet of love enters the Bull sign, relationships will be in focus.

If you are willing to start a relationship or take it to the next step, this could be a great time, since Taurus energy brings stability and commitment for Venus affairs. It is also a good time to invest in self-care, and deal with your finances, since you’ll be able to calmly assess the investments options.


Gemini’s New Moon brings fresh ideas


On Monday, May 30, to top it off the month’s happenings, the moon starts a new cycle within the chatty Gemini sign. In this phase of new beginnings, the Twins sign loans its curiosity to the moon, so it can use it to come up with out-of-the-ordinary plans, and goes after the needed knowledge to make things happen.

After riding along May’s planetary road, it is now time to plan your month’s activities to enjoy the energies and opportunities at their best. Be aware that things may not go exactly as you’ve planned, and embrace all the shifts that may appear, since they can direct you through new, amazing paths.