March 11, 2022

Nurturing Cancer traits in love


The Cancer man will do anything for the woman he loves. He will move mountains and will bring her the Moon. If the lady of his dreams tells him she’s not moved by his actions, he will become depressed.

What he probably doesn’t know is that a woman needs complete honesty. If he would understand that you need to be open about your feelings, he would gain ladies’ hearts more easily. What’s interesting about him is that he can sense what other people are going through. He has a high level of empathy and this is to be appreciated.

This guy needs to trust the person he loves, so he will trust every word being said to him. If you are in love with a Cancer man and you are only in the first stages as a couple, make sure you are completely honest with him. Don’t leave things you may have to confess pile up, and let him know of who you really are, early in the relationship.

When in a relationship

As soon as the Cancer man has fallen in love, all of his insecurities will begin to appear. He has the tendency to respect all the rules and be mannered because he feels more secure being this way.

What he can’t understand is the fact that his traits are much more looked for in the world of relationships rather than in society. Sweet and soft, he should exhibit his positive traits more often.

People would get to see someone really special, and will want to spend time with him. The perfect partner for this guy will know how to make him reveal his sensitive side.

Attentive to his lover’s emotions, the Cancer man has this innate need to develop a deep connection with the person he loves. If he has been hurt before, it will become difficult for him to open up and be his true self.

Calm, he never likes to take part in arguments and fights. If he’s upset or angry about something, he’ll keep quiet and consume himself from the inside. That’s why he needs someone to support him in expressing himself.

Caring, he will never forget important dates in your relationship. If you are too adventurous and you jump from one challenge to another, you should try a different partner as the Cancer man is definitely not for you.

While shy and an introvert, the Cancer man is also moody and emotional. Surprisingly enough, he has a sense of humor that is hard to find anywhere else, when he is relaxed.

Only open to long-term commitment, this guy expects his lady to be loving and faithful. Many women who take advantage of men will try to get him, but he will rapidly realize who he’s talking to as he reads people very well.

He’s looking for someone with whom he can get married and have a bunch of children. He would make the perfect partner for the lady who will understand that he doesn’t rule himself with his mind, but with his heart and emotions.

Intuitive, affectionate and attentive, this guy cares a lot about the people he loves. He pays a whole lot of attention to family, looking to be comfortable and secure in life, just like he is at home.

If you want to be his partner, find out that you will always be loved and cared for. He’s an ideal lover, father and husband. Romantic, the Cancer man will make you feel like you are the only girl in the world.

The woman he needs

The Cancer man needs someone gentle and kind, a woman who is able to see and accept his romantic side. He needs a partner who will appreciate everything that he is doing because he does nice things at his own initiative.

Someone who’s nagging or who will try to take advantage of him is definitely out of discussion. If you are in love with a man in Cancer, try and get to know him a little bit better. With sensitive people, being gentle is absolutely necessarily.

And something else, be open about getting involved in something long-term. The Cancer man is a family person, so he will want to be in a relationship that has a direction and all the chances to turn into marriage. It’s his dream to have a family and a cozy home full of children.

Understanding your Cancer man

The Cancer man belongs to a sign of the heart, of motherhood, family and gratitude. It is rare to see another person like him. For many, he may seem fragile, but he isn’t. He’s just sensitive.

And it’s very hard to live as a sensitive man in the today’s society. He is one of the shyest signs in the entire zodiac. This guy won’t show his true self, and will always be timid when he has to meet new people. It is very difficult to make him trust someone.

He hates being the spotlight, and having a word with him may prove to be very difficult. However, he has this capacity of understanding and feeling what others are going through. When he’s in a conversation, he can easily tell if that person is interested in him or not.

Traditional, this guy can display random emotions as he is moody and changeable. People can’t understand him easily because he doesn’t like to express in any way what he is feeling. His emotional side is reserved only to him.

He’s very attached to his family, so if you want to know him better, you should ask his mother more about his character. If he has been raised well and given a sense of stability, he is the family man most women want in their life.

Governed by the Moon, he is emotional and these emotions that he has are being transferred to him from the phases of the Moon. You need to understand this about him, together with the fact that he doesn’t like it when you flirt with other men.

The Cancer man can become jealous and possessive in certain situations. A diligent individual, he will try to make the relationship work however he can. He likes spending most of his time home, so if you like to party, it is better that you avoid getting involved with him.

Dating him

The first night you are out with him on a date, the Cancer man will probably take you to a family restaurant that makes amazing food.

He doesn’t need something fancy to feel good and be able to impress his partner. He would like to have a walk after dinner too. He’s romantic, so walks under the light of the Moon are something that he enjoys.

Dinner at home is also not out of discussion as he likes to cook a lot. With the right person, he will go to the kitchen and prepare something amazing. Going out on a date with a Cancer man is certainly not something spectacular, but it definitely is romantic and enjoyable.

The negative side of the Cancer man

You probably won’t notice right away, although you may know it from everyone else: yes, the Cancer man is very moody. He can change the way he feels from one minute to the other. For example, he can be quiet and reserved this moment, and the next he can become loud and expansive.

It’s impossible to say when he will change his mood, and people may find this very annoying about him. When in a relationship, the Cancer man will invest everything into his partner. He will be by her side, no matter the situation and what other people say.

This may make him seem clingy, but it is the way he is. It is also very difficult to break up with him. He will hold on to the last feelings.

It is very easy to hurt him too. Every bad word or inappropriate comment can make him think it’s all about him. He can become very depressed when people are talking trash.

They may not say things about him, he’ll still take it personally. So it is very difficult to know how to behave in their company when it comes to sensible matters.

His sexuality

When it comes to the bedroom, the Cancer man may have difficulties taking initiative and with his libido as well. While he may yearn to be the lover of your dreams, this guy has problems performing because he’s too shy and inhibited.

With him, it’s important to know that he associates sex with emotions. He won’t admit it, but he can’t be rough in bed no matter how much his partner may crave it. This guy will always be a romantic and a sensitive in bed. He needs to feel, to ma