March 15, 2023

Q&A – Answers To Your Burning Questions


Dear Spiritual Seekers,

Two days ago we’ve asked you what burning personal questions you have in life and in general, whatever it is that is bothering you right now.

And we’ve heard you.

Today I am answering some of your questions.

We have posted your questions anonymously for privacy.

Q1: How can I tune into my intuition better and make the vision I see more randomly? Also, I believe I have healing hands. How can I be sure of that. How can you really find your true purpose or destiny?


1. To tune into your intuition better, focus on quieting your mind and meditating. Listening to your body and paying attention to your gut instincts can also help you cultivate greater clarity. Additionally, writing in a journal and exploring your dreams (consciously and unconsciously) are great ways to strengthen your intuitive abilities.

2. To make sure that you have healing hands, you can attune to the energetic frequencies in your hands by regularly placing them on healing crystals. Also, consciously focus on infusing healing energy through your hands whenever you are helping someone.

3. To find your true purpose or destiny, ask yourself a few questions such as: What do I love doing? What energizes me? What makes me come alive? Pay attention to the answers to these questions and use them as a guide to unlearn your conditioning and tap into deeper truths. Additionally, astrology can provide deep insight into the energies and patterns associated with your destiny path

Q2: I want to know how planets and stars influences our life. And how to figure out our real-life purpose with the help of astrology? Thank you 😊


The key to understanding how planets and stars influence our lives is to first understand the basic principles of astrology, which is based on the notion that all the planets and stars are interconnected, and reflect the energies of all the other planets in the universe. By interpreting the positions of all the planets in the sky, and their relationships to one another, astrologers like us are able to gain insights into the energies that exist in our lives and what these energies signify.

In order to figure out our real-life purpose using astrology, we must look to our own natal chart, which reflects the positions of all the planets at the time of our birth.

Each planet in a birth chart symbolizes certain aspects of our lives and by studying their relationships within the chart, we can gain essential insight into our core principles, motivations, and lessons that we need to learn and experience in order to further our own spiritual growth. Once we gain clarity on our individual selves and the purpose of our lives, then that can help us to align with our higher selves and manifest our goals and dreams.

Q3: Hi, hope you’re doing well I appreciate you reaching out. Not sure if this would count/if you can answer this but my question about Astrology is what can I do to gain abundance and unlock my full potential?

If needed the context is I’d like to move out of my parents soon but I’m having trouble finding a job that fits my requests(no fast food/front-end job) and I’m really hoping I can get some babysitting jobs as that’s what I’m passionate about.

I’m wondering if there’s something I can do myself to maximize and help my chances of this happening. I’m also wondering if there are any significant dates for me that I should look forward to and what I should do if there are specific days that will help my chances. Sorry for the long reply just figured it might help to know the situation :). Thank you and I can’t wait to hear back from you


1. Gaining abundance and unlocking your full potential starts with your mindset. Having a positive attitude and believing that you will be able to achieve your goals will help you stay motivated while searching for a job.

2. Next, start networking with friends and family to help spread the word about your babysitting services. If you don’t already, create a website or social media account to showcase your services, references, and experience. You can also join online job boards such as or, to find potential employers. Finally, keep an eye out for local events that may need childcare services and start promoting yourself there as well.

3. On March 20th will be the beginning of the Aries season, and a New Moon – this gives you the opportunity to radically change your life, opening up new chapters and redefining your independence.


Q4: How do I align with my highest self and truly fulfill my purpose in this world?

Everyone’s path to aligning to their highest self and fulfilling their purpose in the world is unique and requires a commitment to understanding and embodying their true authentic self. Here are some strategies I recommend to help you on your journey:

1) Practice mindfulness/meditation: Take time to be alone, quiet your mind, and listen to the stillness within. Cultivate a consistent practice so you can access your inner wisdom and receive guidance in life.

2) Engage in self-reflection: Regularly take some time to check in with yourself and ask questions such as: How do I feel? What is resonating with me? How is my way of being serving me?

3) Actively practice self-compassion: Create space for yourself to love and accept all parts of who you are without judgment.

4) Connect with your authentic purpose: Reflect on what your life goals and values are, and then take action to bring them into reality. 5) Strengthen your relationships: Spend more time with people who genuinely care about you, support you, and help to empower you to do and be more.

Q5: My question is when will I find my true love? Could astrology possibly help me find when or how?


Astrology can certainly help when it comes to questions about love. An astrological chart can provide insight into where one may find love and how a relationship with someone may turn out. Using the astrological transits or alignments in your chart, it is possible to determine when a particular influence could bring about a new or significant relationship.

Additionally, the astrological signs of the two people in a relationship can tell us a great deal about the potential if the two are compatible. While astrology cannot guarantee a successful long-term relationship, it can be a useful tool for examining potential and understanding the astrological influences that may be impacting your love life

Q6: Hello, I wanted to know if how my planetary position right now is affecting my relationships or love life?


There is no single answer to this question as it depends on many factors, including your natal chart, the current positions of the planets, and the nature of your relationship or current love life circumstances. To gain a better understanding of how your planetary positions are influencing your relationships or love life it is best to have a one-on-one consultation with me or with an astrologer to interpret your chart and help provide guidance on these matters

Q7:  How are astrology and numerology interlinked in our daily lives? I think that astrology and numerology are used to read information around us that are invisible.Based on the information we read, what are the ways to make changes?

Also, Astrology and numerology are great ways read and forecast the universe where we all belong, We can decode many mysteries of our lives. After decoding, what are supernatural magical powers that really transform and make changes?


Astrology and numerology are interlinked because they both utilize the same energetic principles and symbolism. Astrology looks at celestial cycles and their effects on our lives, while numerology examines the power of numbers and associated meanings. Both astrology and numerology examine the cycle of time and the patterns of energies, and both attempt to interpret how these energies will influence us and our lives.

They are both ways for us to gain insight and understanding about ourselves, our environment, and the world around us. Supernatural magical powers come in many forms, from spells to curses, to prayer and spells of protection. Supernatural powers can be used to protect and transform lives, manifest desires, and create healing connections. Specialized objects such as crystals, talismans, and charms can also be used for many purposes, including bringing about love, luck, prosperity, and healing.

Q8:  I would like to know, why throughout my entire life I had to struggle to achieve things. My relationships were hard to establish. Struggle with finances all my life.

Had to work triple as hard to get decent jobs. Love life is nonexistent. In other words, had to struggle for everything I achieved. Is there a reason in the heavens for this anomaly?


We all venture down our own unique life paths and the struggles we faced in the past have likely helped shape you into the person you are today. It seems as though challenging times and obstacles have been a theme in your life, there is likely a specific reason based on your unique birth chart.

I invite you to work with me so we can unpack your chart and explore the energies and influences that drive these themes in your life. Together we may discover some hidden gems that can help you navigate both current and future struggles with wisdom and compassion.

Q9: How do I get on track for the abundance I hear about


The best way to get on track for the abundance you desire is to focus on identifying and cultivating practices that bring you joy, satisfaction, and peace. This could involve practicing positive affirmations, creating a budget and setting financial goals, cultivating gratitude, focusing on self-care, creating a clear vision for your goals and aspirations, setting clear and achievable intentions, and creating a life balance that allows you to put in the necessary effort for experiencing desired abundance.

Additionally, it is helpful to connect with a supportive and experienced mentor or coach who can help guide you on your journey.

Q10: Why does life seem harder on some than others?


In astrology, there could be many different explanations for why life may seem harder for some than others. These can include differences in our individual astrological charts as well as planetary influences and transits. Each person’s birth chart is unique and reflects the qualities of each of the 12 zodiac signs as well as the planets in their respective houses.

It can be helpful to investigate the planets and aspects at work in your own chart to gain insight into the areas of life that may pose particular challenges or difficulties. Additionally, the current planetary transits can have powerful influences on our lives and can create opportunities for growth or areas of challenge for us to navigate. Developing a better understanding of these cycles and patterns can provide more perspective on why certain things may seem more difficult than others.

Life can be hard for many reasons, and it can feel like it’s harder on some than others due to a variety of circumstances. These can range from life experiences such as growing up in a tough environment, facing mental health struggles or dealing with illness or trauma. It is important to remember that even when life does its best to knock us down, we can pick ourselves back up and find ways to cope with the challenges we face.

In Closing:

Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces brings forth a powerful energy that encourages us to connect more deeply with ourselves and tap into our inner wisdom for guidance on life decisions and paths forward. 

Take some time during this period to listen closely for messages from the universe, use divination tools such as tarot cards or pendulums, or get a personalized reading from Water Rabbit Reading 2023!

The possibilities are endless – just remember to listen closely to your intuition!