March 12, 2023

Ready, Set, Meditate! Embrace Scorpio Moon & Neptune Energy


On March 12th, Scorpio’s moon is in a harmonious alignment with Neptune. This alignment brings an opportunity to explore your inner depths and find clarity through meditation and reflection. Use this time to access a deeper spiritual awareness and get ready to take advantage of the powerful energy available during this transit. 

Why Meditate During a Scorpio Moon? 

The Scorpio Moon brings intense energy and heightened emotions. This energy can be overwhelming if we don’t channel it properly.

Meditation helps you relax, find clarity, and stay grounded during this otherwise chaotic period. 

Neptune’s influence adds a spiritual element to meditation and allows us to connect with our higher self. Combining these two energies can help us access powerful insights about ourselves and our lives.

How to Meditate with Scorpio Moon & Neptune Energy 

The Scorpio Moon brings intensity while Neptune helps us connect with our spiritual side. To make the most out of this energy combination, start by setting aside some quiet time for yourself each day.

-Find a comfortable seated position (sitting upright on the floor or in a chair) and close your eyes if possible.

-Focus on taking deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth as you let go of any worries or resistance.

-Choose one thing to focus on during your meditation session such as repeating a mantra or visualizing something calming like a beach or mountain range.

-Allow yourself to be present at the moment without judging or attaching any expectations to what comes up during this time.

-Simply observe whatever arises without judgment before gradually bringing yourself back into awareness when you’re ready to finish your session.

-If you have difficulty staying focused at first don’t worry – even just five minutes of mindfulness is beneficial! 

In Closing:

The cosmic combination of the Scorpio Moon & Neptune brings us an opportunity for introspection and self-reflection through meditation.

Use this powerful energy as a way to connect with ourselves on a deeper level while exploring what lies within us waiting to be discovered. 

Trust your intuition throughout this process as it will guide you towards a greater understanding of who you are at your core – allowing us to tap into new levels of self-awareness that bring clarity about our purpose in life! 

So take some time today – ready set meditate! And embrace both the mystical energies of Scorpio Moon & Neptune together!

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