February 22, 2022

The Best Meditation For Your Zodiac Sign


6.The Best Meditation for Your Zodiac Sign


Let’s face it, Aries! You’re not the type who likes to relax and let yourself go with the peace of the environment (which is the main characteristic of traditional meditations).

Your ruler Mars is constantly pushing you to take action, and if there’s no adrenaline involved, you will find meditation boring and be eager to quit in no time!

Therefore, the solution for you is known as active meditation, which advocates it is possible to relax your mind while managing the involuntary activity of your body.

Then, take a deep breath and move your whole body without losing focus on the air going in and out of your lungs! Release all your energy with each limb while keeping your eyes closed. After 10 minutes, lie down on the floor and notice how that state of relaxation and inner peace comes naturally without any effort.


You are probably one of the Signs best rooted in the present. Worrying about the future seems to be too much of a sacrifice if you can be enjoying the pleasures of the present.

That’s why Vipassana is a good technique for you! More restless Zodiac Signs find it really challenging, but you have no problem observing reality as it unfolds.

Besides, this meditation enhances the perception of all your senses, which you will find utterly fascinating and delightful.


Your restless mind is full of movement and is eager to embark on new activities. However, it may also be difficult for you to focus on just one thing, such as breathing and relaxing your body.

So, as willpower is not stronger than your curiosity, Guided Meditation can prove to be of great help. That way, you simply have to follow the instructions of an expert guide and let yourself go!

However, make sure that the person you choose as your teacher is someone you feel comfortable with! Otherwise, you will end up giving up in the middle of the session.


You’re not a talkative type, Cancer, but rather an introvert, and your private world is as sacred as it gets. Your warm spirit and caring nature are full of tenderness and love. Therefore, a Meditation focused on the Heart Chakra will be more than rewarding and will make you connect with your spirit.

Through this meditation, you will be able to connect with the deepest and purest of your emotional states, releasing any built-up pain.

Your ancestral roots play a big part in your unconscious life. This is way through this meditation you will become aware of any toxic patterns you are repeating and change your behavior for the better.


Your leadership skills and your willingness to follow your heart’s path are your best features, Leo. Your energy is contagious: fiery and enthusiastic.

Therefore, active meditation is the right fit for you! As you move your whole body and put all your positive energy to dance, you will enter a deep state of meditation and relaxation.


You are the most self-critical and concerning Sign, Virgo. Taking life too seriously can lead to a stiff heart and shut down love and spontaneity.

So, the Metta or Benevolent Love Meditation will help you to be more compassionate, enhance your self-esteem levels and accept yourself as you are.

Besides helping you be at peace with yourself, it will encourage you to open your heart to others and increase your circle of friends.


Aesthetics and harmony are part of your nature, Libra! You connect easily with music and art, as your ruler, Venus, helps you find beauty where untrained eyes can see none.

Primordial Sound meditation will get you to repeat a mantra, which is a beautiful sacred sound that harmonizes the environment as well as your inner self. For someone like you, this will make your meditation experience completely pleasurable and soothing.


You are the most passionate of all the signs, Scorpio. This is because you are able to connect with the deepest emotions known to the human psyche, ranging from love and compassion to fear, anguish and pain.

However, this can also be a blessing in disguise! While other signs dare not venture into such deep waters, you can pierce them and be reborn stronger and more powerful than ever.

That’s why Tonglen Meditation is made especially for you. By facing suffering, you will abandon the toxicity characteristic of these feelings, helping others who may also be going through a hard time.


Your life is all about celebration and joy, Sagittarius! Routine and mundane matters bore you, for life is one and you have to live it the best way you can.

So, a Guided Gratitude Meditation will easily connect you with your inner self, as you know that the abundance of life expands your spirit and keeps you away from any negative thoughts that may come from the stress of the day-to-day grind.


You thrive on challenges, Capricorn. You are ambitious, and you know you can always give more than you set out to do.

Zazen meditation is not for the inexperienced. It requires a lot of work and concentration, which other Signs may find extremely hard to do. But you are not the kind of person who gives up on the first attempt! You know that, when you succeed, the rewards will be far greater than those of any other meditation.


You don’t like to follow the traditional paths or fashionable trends. That is why, to enter the realm of meditation, you will need to do it at your own pace and terms.

Therefore, a Solar Plexus Chakra Meditation will be ideal to keep you away from external diversions and to never lose focus on your true intentions. This chakra governs willpower, and enhancing it prevents anyone from taking it away from you.


Your imaginative mind is one of your best assets, Pisces! However, this can lead you to drift off into distant worlds when you sit down to meditate, which makes it very difficult to keep your attention in the here and now.

That’s why a nice Guided Meditation is your answer! Instead of wander off into your world full of fantasies, just listen to what the instructor advocates, and you are guaranteed to succeed in your spiritual quest.

7.How would you use meditation? (Conclusion)

As you can see, there are different techniques you can use to delve into meditation, which will help you connect with your inner self and light your path towards wholeness and fulfillment in life.

So, now that you know what your ideal meditation would be according to your Zodiac Sign, let’s hear your opinions on the matter.

Which technique would you like to start with and how far are you willing to go?