February 17, 2023

Venus in Aries: Unleash Your Passionate Desires


Venus, the planet of love, relationships, and pleasure, moves into fiery Aries from February 20, 2023 until March 16, 2023, bringing a sense of enthusiasm and vibrant passion to your love affairs.

Expect to feel more confident and ready to tackle the dating scene head-on. You don’t want to wait for the other person to give you a sign to make the first move. 

You want to act on your burning desires as soon as they arise, and if that means being direct and calling the shots, then so be it!

Impulsive decisions and wild adventures are likely during this transit, as people are more focused on seizing the day than on the long-term consequences of their actions.

This mindset could be very positive if you are overly shy, as you’ll be encouraged to take action instead of overanalyzing things. 

If you are in an established relationship, Venus in Aries can rekindle the passion in your interactions and bring back a sense of excitement and adventure.

Here’s how the Venus in Aries transit will affect your zodiac sign:

Venus in Aries for an Aries

Venus in your sign brings out the most charming, pleasant, and engaging side of your personality. This will make you very popular in the dating scene, so have fun without being too forward, Aries. Get to know people before you rush to the next level.

Venus in Aries for a Taurus 

This transit encourages you to find an activity that you are passionate about. Pouring your heart into your pursuit will put you in touch with your spiritual journey, making this an excellent time to follow your inner compass. Your psychic abilities and gifts are keen, so listen to your inner wisdom and let it lead you in the direction of your spiritual fulfillment.

Venus in Aries for a Gemini

Venus in Aries activates your social life, making this an excellent time to meet new people and form exciting friendships. Giving back to your community and participating in good causes could be very fulfilling. Who knows, Gemini? You could even find your next partner in a community project.

Venus in Aries for a Cancer

Venus in transit gives you an uplifting boost in confidence, encouraging you to be more charming and outgoing at work. If you are looking for a better job, this could be a good time to talk to your boss. The way you present yourself will make a good impression on those around you.

Venus in Aries for a Leo

Venus in Aries marks the beginning of an exciting time in your life, Leo! It’s a great time to travel to new places, explore new relationships, and step out of your comfort zone. You may even find yourself attracted to someone from a different country or background. Enjoy it to the fullest!

Venus in Aries for a Virgo

You are usually practical and down-to-earth in your love affairs, but the Venus in Aries transit brings out your most passionate side. Don’t try to control or suppress these feelings, Virgo. Use this transit to take your relationship to the next level.

Venus in Aries for a Libra

Aries is your opposite sign, which means that Venus moving into this sign activates your relationship zone. Libra, expect to be attracted to overly confident, loud and flashy romantic suitors who are not your usual cup of tea. Don’t judge this strange change in taste and go for it! It could mean that you are working on your self-confidence and projecting these qualities onto your dates.

Venus in Aries for a Scorpio

Your work area will benefit the most from this Venus in Aries transit. You’ll feel more upbeat and proactive in your daily routine, encouraging you to tackle problems as they arise. Enjoy the positive results of adopting a can-do attitude.

Venus in Aries for a Sagittarius 

Your creative zone is being triggered, making this an excellent time to pursue new artistic hobbies and interests. Make sure you follow a path that you are truly passionate about, because something amazing could come of it. You could even change the direction of your professional life and turn this hobby into a full-time business. Follow your intuition.

Venus in Aries for a Capricorn 

The passionate vibes of the Venus in Aries transit encourage you to change your home decor. Creating a space that sets the mood for adventure would be a great use of this transit’s energy. 

Venus in Aries for an Aquarius 

Your communication and social interactions will benefit greatly from the Venus in Aries transit. Your charm and quick wit are at an all-time high, allowing you to say just the right thing at just the right time. This could be very positive for your business and romantic affairs. Make the most of it!

Venus in Aries for a Pisces

The transit of Venus in Aries strengthens your sense of self-worth and makes you realize that you have many skills and talents that can help you create a more abundant life. You finally understand that the best way to increase your income is to value your time and efforts. The rest will follow.

Overall, the Pisces season makes everyone very emotional and sensitive, so be careful with how you address your conversations to avoid hurting other people’s feelings.

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