April 11, 2022

Weekly Astrology Forecast: April 11, 2022 – April 17, 2022


This week will be all about self-expression, reflection, and letting your inner self shine and guide you through.


April 11th: Allow the harsh energy to pass

On Monday, eccentric over-the-top energy awaits us when the fiery Leo Moon squares spontaneous Uranus. We tend to have to change moods and increased sensuality, this can result in arguments or worse, separation. 

Late in the afternoon, your mood will start to shift drastically in a positive way when the Aries Sun trines the Leo Moon – bringing happiness, harmony, and overall contentment. 


Astrology Event: 

Leo Moon Square spontaneous Uranus 

Sun in fiery Aries Trines the Leo Moon 


It’s the best time to:

Try to find your cool before things get awry. Let love and peace reign. If you really want to avoid an argument wait until the evening before you engage in anything.  Let the harsh energy pass.


April 12th: Productivity and self-expression

On Tuesday, warm up to an analytical and organized attitude when the Moon is in industrious Virgo. Ushering a productive atmosphere and energy conducive to work. 

This is the best day to fulfill your duties either at work or at home. 

That Virgo Moon then trines communicative Mercury in the afternoon providing a sound mind and excellent communication and self-expression. 


Astrology Event: 

Moon in industrious Virgo 

Moon Trine Mercury 


It’s the best time to:

This is a productive day for you and you will accomplish a lot of tasks, but later on, it will best time to air grievances and concerns objectively. Do you want to make a difference or want to change something in whatever aspect of your life? This is the best time to speak up without getting emotional.


April 13th: Appreciate how lucky you are 

On Wednesday, prepare to bask in feelings of sensation, as the Virgo Moon opposes loving Venus, this could make you emotional and might even let you question your life choices which will harbor negative feelings of dissatisfaction. 

Later in the evening, the Moon will trine adventurous Uranus you will be inspired to transform your lifestyle by going your own way, you will be imaginative, uprooting your whole life and moving to a different city might sound pretty enticing. 


Astrology Event: 

Virgo Moon Opposes loving Venus

Virgo Moon Trine adventurous Uranus 


It’s the best time to:

This day will make you prone to be moved by your own emotions and imagination, ground yourself with Meditation, and realize how blessed you are in this life. Nothing’s wrong with wanting to change but you must learn how to count your blessings, otherwise, wherever you go you won’t appreciate it.


April 14th: Fear is something you can expose by quest and stillness.

On Thursday, when the Virgo moon tries transformative Pluto you will experience a spiritual awakening, an epiphany of some sort. Discovering new heights of adventure might sound appealing. Later the Moon moved in balanced Libra, supporting your craving for new experiences, you are in alignment with your highest self, and you are also open and cheerful. 


Astrology Event: 

Virgo Moon Trines transformative Pluto 

Moon in balanced Libra


It’s the best time to:

Go book that flight and explore new things! Be open to any possibilities this life has to offer. You are off on a great adventure and it will only happen once you take the first step. 


April 15th: The best is yet to come

On Friday, it will be a quiet and relaxing day as the Moon continues to be in balanced Libra. There will be harmony in all aspects of your life. 


Astrology Event: 

Moon in balanced Libra


It’s the best time to:

Spend this day with your family and friends, you are also open to making new friends you can go ahead and socialize, the best is yet to come on this day.


April 16th: Full Moon in Libra

On Saturday, your sense of responsibility will be awakened and you will be inspired to pursue goals and take on new challenges. Thanks to the Libra moon being in harmony with restrictive Saturn. 

We will have a Full Moon in Libra briefly from 1:54 PM UTC and it moves to Scorpio at 7:24 PM UTC expect emotions to be intense as well as feelings of dispute and boredom.


Astrology Event: 

Libra Moon Trine restrictive Saturn 

Full Moon in balanced Libra

Moon moves to deep Scorpio at 7:24 PM UTC


It’s the best time to:

This will be a challenging day to maintain inner peace, tap into your infinite space of abundance and unconditional love, this resides within you and will transcend any pain and suffering. Look within and you’ll find peace.



April 17th: A pleasant day to be out and about!

On Sunday the Scorpio Moon trines sociable Venus, providing a cheerful vibe and bringing harmony among family. This even gets more amplified when Mercury sextiles Venus adding creative energy and imagination to the mix.


Astrology Event: 

Moon Trine Venus 

Mercury sextile Venus 


It’s the best time to:

Embrace this versatile energy, and socialize or stimulate your mind with art.



Nothing is a coincidence and in this very moment. 

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