October 3, 2022

Weekly Astrology Forecast: October 3, 2022 – October 9, 2022


Dear Spiritual Seeker, 

This week we embrace changes, learn lessons, and engage in creative expression. We also have the Full Moon in Aries that brings good news to your area of finances and ambition.

October 3rd: Be more open

On Monday, With spontaneous Uranus and the pragmatic Capricorn Moon in conjunction, you are encouraged to make changes because they will bring about pleasure and change.

Astrology Event:
Uranus and Capricorn conjunction

It’s the best time to:
Embrace change as they come with lessons that you can use in your future endeavors. It might be hard to accept and to adapt at first but once you are able to welcome new discoveries into your life, you will be open to attracting so much more.

October 4th: Pursue your creative passions.

On Tuesday, the Moon enters the progressive sign of Aquarius, encouraging you to accept your uniqueness and engage in creative expression.

Astrology Event:
Moon in Aquarius

It’s the best time to:
Dig deep within you and be proud of your authentic self. It doesn’t matter if others don’t get you, or understand your pursuits. You are the author of your own book, the artist of your own canvas. Pursue your creative passions.

October 5th: Open your heart Chakra

On Wednesday, the innovative Aquarius Moon makes a connection to the restrictive Saturn, you can feel more somber and insensitive towards others. You might say something you don’t really mean.

Astrology Event:
Aquarius Moon connects to Saturn

It’s the best time to:
Open your heart chakra to increase empathy and attract love and loyalty by practicing a Chakra balancing meditation.

October 6th: Auspicious day for business

On Thursday, since Mercury, the planet of communication, and Pluto, the planet of transformation, are in harmony, you have a keen eye for detail and more persuasive and magnetic energy.

Astrology Event:
Mercury in harmony with Pluto

It’s the best time to:
This is a great opportunity to pitch ideas to potential investors or to hold business meetings. You are clear and concise and determined to make a change.

October 7th: Let go of control

On Friday, the dreamy Pisces Moon squares ambitious Mars igniting your enthusiasm but also giving you a chance to become impatient or out of touch with reality.

Astrology Event:
Pisces Moon is in tension with Mars

It’s the best time to:
You may not be where you expected to be in the present, but you are not who you were yesterday. You have grown, acknowledge yourself and let go of the need to control your circumstances.

October 8th: Power struggles

On Saturday, Pluto’s transformational influence in Capricorn encourages you to realize the hierarchies in your life.

It means that if you’re trying to advance your social status, you have to realize that your time and energy will be rarely repaid with affluence or security. Your loyalty just furthers the goals of those already in power.

Astrology Event:
Pluto influences Capricorn

It’s the best time to:
Choose the people who you give your loyalty to. Not everyone repays kindness – some people like to take advantage.

October 9th: Full Moon in Aries

On Sunday, the Full Moon in boisterous Aries sheds light on unresolved difficulties and inspires you to make a fresh start for the following lunar cycle.

Astrology Event:
Full Moon in Aries

It’s the best time to:
Be willing to learn things about yourself. Make time journal or practice meditation so you can connect with your inner wisdom while the moon is out.

In Closing:

We have only less than

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and it is a fire sign, therefore its energy is noted for being brash, self-assured, and aggressive. Aries people enjoy getting what they desire and often do.

Therefore, during this full moon, you might see success or a breakthrough in your area of career and finances as well as ambitions.

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