December 26, 2022

Weekly Astrology Forecast: December 26, 2022 – January 1, 2023


Dear Spiritual Seeker, 

This week we are officially entering the year 2023! Thank you for staying with us through the years and we hope that this year will be prosperous for you. A little trivia on the number 2023 – it is auspicious for a career as well as business. 😉

December 26th: Find your center

On Monday, Carry citrine and grounding stones with you for positive energy to counteract the negative feelings and negativity brought on by the eccentric Aquarius Moon in harmony with disciplined Saturn.

Astrology Event:
Aquarius Moon in harmony with Saturn.

It’s the best time to:
When Aquarius and Saturn align, this would bring feelings of discontentment, irritability and panic. Find your center with the help of crystals and an early morning Yoga practice.

December 27th: Use your imagination

On Tuesday, The Moon enters whimsical Pisces. Your inner world is expanded by the Moon’s entry into Pisces; use your imagination to bring your fantasies to life!

Astrology Event:
Moon enters Pisces

It’s the best time to:
It’s the best time to visualize your dream life today, you are powerful and magical! Maybe visualize who you want to become this 2023?

December 28th: Meet new people

On Wednesday, Sociable Venus and sympathetic Neptune are in harmony, enhancing empathy, friendliness, and a yearning for connection on both a friendship and sensual level.

Astrology Event:
Venus in harmony with Neptune

It’s the best time to:
Go out and make friends, go out on a date. It’s the perfect time to meet new people and form new connections as well as romantic pursuits.

December 29th: Be tolerant

On Thursday, communicative Mercury goes retrograde in pragmatic Capricorn. This transit would be tough for all signs, but it’s also a good time to evaluate, contemplate, and rethink; be tolerant and take advantage of the chance to look inward.

Astrology Event:
Mercury goes retrograde in Capricorn

It’s the best time to:
Ponder and reflect on your past and future decisions, don’t make any big steps right now. This is your time to plan.

December 30th: You are stable

On Friday, the stubborn Aries Moon is in harmony with disciplined Saturn fostering a sense of stability, emotional security, and grounding with nature.

Astrology Event:
Aries Moon in harmony with Saturn

It’s the best time to:
Spend time with nature, feel your emotions, feel the ground on your bare feet. You are stable and confident in your own skin.

December 31st: Everything is fine

On Saturday, You’ll feel more in touch with your senses and the environment as the Moon enters the calming and firmly grounded sign of Taurus; savor gorgeous scenery, exquisite art, delectable cuisine, and excellent music!

Astrology Event:
Moon enters relaxing and grounding Taurus

It’s the best time to:
You’ll feel a frenzy of emotions today, but the good ones! Every scene is beautiful, every food is delectable 0 it’s as if everything aligns. Enjoy this day to the fullest.

January 1st: Happy New Year!

On Sunday, You’ll prefer transformative experiences over the same old routine because loving Venus and passionate Pluto are interacting, so let your creativity run wild.

Astrology Event:
Venus interacts with Pluto

It’s the best time to:
This day is an empty canvas and you are the artist, craft a perfect artwork that is your day and maybe your future. Happy New Year  Spiritual Seeker..

In Closing:

Let us welcome 2023 with our hearts and our mind open.

The divine is communicating with you right now.

It is guiding you with the information that you need the most at the moment that you can use before the transition of Water Tiger to Water Rabbit in 2023.

Your Reading will let you know which area of your life you need divine guidance the most right now.