January 16, 2023

Weekly Astrology Forecast: January 16, 2023 – January 22, 2023


Dear Spiritual Seeker, 

This week we enter the Aquarius season, we also have the new moon in the same sign which would be the perfect night to manifest all your desires! Every aspect propels you to act this week. Stop sitting on the sidelines and be the main character!

January 16th: Reconnect to your senses

On Monday, your urge for intimacy and pleasure is heightened by the friction between the deep Scorpio Moon and loving Venus, which helps you reconnect to your senses and social center.

Astrology Event:
Scorpio Moon and Venus are in tension.

It’s the best time to:
Go and have a date with your significant other, or ask out that person you like. This is the right vibe to make a move. Or better yet, meet new people! 

January 17th: Follow your heart

On Tuesday, you’ll feel more lively, abundant, carefree, and hopeful as the Moon enters the upbeat Sagittarius.

Astrology Event:
The Moon enters Sagittarius

It’s the best time to:
Travel, go to places you haven’t seen, and whatever you do, just follow where your heart takes you – do what makes you happy! Unapologetically.

January 18th: Mental clarity

On Wednesday, Mercury goes direct in responsible Capricorn, relieving the stress of Mercury retrograde and promoting mental clarity.

Astrology Event:
Mercury moves direct in Capricorn 

It’s the best time to:
You can go back to your unfinished tasks and projects as it is easier to focus now that we no longer have Mercury on retrograde.

Jan  19th: Moon enters pragmatic Capricorn

On Thursday, the Moon enters pragmatic Capricorn, bringing you practical energy; yet, keep in mind that it may be challenging to feel much right now.

Astrology Event:
Moon in Capricorn

It’s the best time to:
Open up your heart chakra by practicing meditation, as you may feel numb right now and it may be hard to connect with others. You may focus on your professional tasks and you will be on track.

January 20th: Aquarius Season begins

On Friday, the start of the Aquarius season is a reminder to express yourself as truthfully and authentically as possible, collaborate with others, and give attention to your ground-breaking ideas right away.

Astrology Event:
Aquarius season officially begins 

It’s the best time to:
Do you have any ideas or business plans on the back burner? Go ahead and do a sales pitch. Don’t let your ideas go to waste. It’s better to try and fail than not trying and not knowing.

January 21st: New Moon in Aquarius

On Saturday, practice a New Moon ceremony, work with a moon crystal, like moonstone or clear quartz, and create a list of everything you wish to attract this month during the Aquarius New Moon, which is the ideal period for manifestation.

Astrology Event:
New Moon in Aquarius

It’s the best time to:
If you have a backyard or a garden, put some beanie bags and feel the fresh air, and soak yourself in this magical Aquarius moon. Recite your manifestations out loud or write them.

January 22nd: Time for an adventure!

On Sunday, Your need for boldness and impetuous action will increase as adventurous Uranus moves direct in eccentric Taurus.

Astrology Event:
Uranus moves direct in the sign of Taurus

It’s the best time to:
Go against the tide, be spontaneous!

In Closing:

This year will be such a huge turning point for you!

It’s a year that your entire life can transform if you have the right guidance.

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