January 30, 2023

Weekly Astrology Forecast: January 30, 2023 – February 5, 2023


Dear Spiritual Seeker, 

We are in the last week of January and approaching the month of February. Which is a month where we seek to maintain stability and calm.

January 30th: Stimulate your mind

On Monday, your craving for interaction and mental stimulation will increase as the Moon enters the cerebral sign of Gemini.

Astrology Event:
Moon in Gemini

It’s the best time to:
Socialize, get out there, engage in deep conversations, and delve into new learning.

January 31st: Follow your passion

On Tuesday, you are encouraged to follow your artistic direction through the harmonious alignment of the analytical Gemini Moon and the imaginative Aquarius Sun.

Astrology Event:
Aquarius Sun is in harmony with the Gemini Moon 

It’s the best time to:
This aspect is ushering in beneficial vibes and inspires you to take action on your imaginative ideas. Go ahead and take the leap!.

February 1st: Take action

On Wednesday, the chatty Gemini Moon engaging karmic Saturn is an opportune time to prioritize long-term aspirations and explore how to bring them to fruition.

Astrology Event:
Gemini Moon engaging Saturn

It’s the best time to:
Disciplined Saturn will influence you to create a structure on how you can reach your goals quickly and efficiently.

February 2nd: Do something exhilarating

On Thursday, we will have the sensitive Cancer Moon in harmony with spontaneous Uranus, making you more prone to alteration a usual – maybe you’re looking for some excitement? 

Astrology Event:
Cancer Moon in harmony with Uranus

It’s the best time to:
Follow your heart and let it lead the way, find joy in the unexpected.

February 3rd: Find your center

On Friday, the eccentric Aquarius Sun clashes with spontaneous Uranus so changes and unforeseen events may arise. 

Astrology Event:
Aquarius clashes with Uranus 

It’s the best time to:
Be ready for anything, and find your center before you start your day.

February 4th: Have patience and be kind

On Saturday, loving Venus opposing planet of ambition Mars, this aspect could bring about stress in relationships. 

Astrology Event:
Venus opposes Mars

It’s the best time to:
Remember to be understanding and display love without limitations.

February 5th: Full Moon in Leo – Finding your unique balance

On Sunday, the Full Moon in fiery Leo reminds us of the significance of balancing our unique selves and collective involvement. 

Astrology Event:
Full Moon in Leo

It’s the best time to:
Be yourself and follow your creative streak!

In Closing:

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