January 6, 2023

Weekly Astrology Forecast: January 9, 2023 – January 15, 2023


Dear Spiritual Seeker, 

This week we have Mars the warrior planet going direct helping us chase our dreams without any hindrances. 

Jan 9th: Open doors for yourself

On Monday, loving Venus in eccentric Aquarius trine ambitious Mars. Pursue your dreams today, as this favorable aspect can give you the self-assurance, charm, and quick wit needed to succeed in everything.

Astrology Event:

Venus in Aquarius trine Mars in Gemini

It’s the best time to:

You have the ability to open doors for yourself, especially if you recognize the right individuals. Don’t let this day pass without grabbing an opportunity.

Jan 10th: Focus on your tasks

On Tuesday, we have the Moon in practical Virgo. We become analytical and critical under the Virgo Moon. We work hard and care about our well-being. Consequently, completing tasks and going to work are top priorities.  

Astrology event:
Moon → Virgo

It’s the best time to:
Focus on your projects as you may receive recognition soon.

Jan 11th: You have a sharp mind

On Wednesday, You gain outstanding learning abilities, a sharp mind, a keen intellect, linguistic skills, and solid judgment from this trine. Your intellect is robust. You think freely and realistically, and you’re receptive to new ideas.

Astrology Event:
Moon in Virgo Trine Mercury 

It’s the best time to:
It’s a terrific time to travel and take in the arts and scenery

Jan 12th: Mars goes direct

On Thursday, The warrior planet, Mars which has been in retrograde since October 30th in quick-witted Gemini, is now finally heading forward once more. As we shift into solving our problems and the collective spirit finally starts to pick up steam, it’s time to start putting our New Year’s resolutions into action.

Astrology Event:
Mars goes direct into Gemini

It’s the best time to:
It’s time to start putting our New Year’s resolutions into action. If you haven’t had any, you can start contemplating, on this day.

Jan 13th: Manifest your dreams!

On Friday, as the sun is in pragmatic Capricorn sextile dreamy Neptune in Pisces. During this enlightening aspect, our shared intuition significantly increases.

Astrology Event:
Sun in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces

It’s the best time to:
Today is a fantastic day to practice manifesting and following your intuition while making economic and business decisions.

Jan 14th: Keep your calm

On Saturday, loving Venus in eccentric Aquarius squares spontaneous Uranus in Taurus. It’s not the best day for love because we’re all feeling a little uneasy during this heated transit. Where there is no obvious victor, disagreements are simple to start.

Astrology Event:
Venus in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus

It’s the best time to:
Always keep your calm, it’s not always what you think it is. Don’t let your ego get in the way of a great foundation.

Jan 15th: Go with the flow

On Sunday, we have the Moon in deep Scorpio. We have a lot of energy thanks to the Scorpio Moon. Conflict and vindictiveness, as well as passion, sensuality, and impulsivity, dominate. 

Astrology Event:
Moon → Scorpio

It’s the best time to:
Although we crave originality, it is also simpler to adapt to drastic changes and not go against the tide.

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