June 27, 2022

 Weekly Astrology Forecast: June 27, 2022 – July 3, 2022


Dear Spiritual Seeker, 

Exciting times are up for us this coming July! It will be about transformation, recognition, expansion, and success! 

As the seventh month of the year. The energy shifts in the month of July, bringing a strong vibration for our spiritual growth. This is the month to achieve those goals!

June 27th: Embrace your newfound motivation

On Monday, ambitious Mars is in harmony with accountable Saturn. Be prepared to welcome a boost in motivation and grit to follow through with everything you’ve been wanting to achieve. 

Astrology Event:

Ambitious Mars is in harmony with accountable Saturn

It’s the best time to:

Your inner spirit is beginning to uprise, don’t ignore this transformation and listen to your intuition for your next steps! Enjoy this shift from stagnation to rebirth.

June 28th: Connect with your inner compass

On Tuesday, there’s a New Moon in intuitive Cancer,  melt into your human emotions and just let it flow. Don’t box it up, this is the perfect opportunity to connect to your inner compass. 

Astrology Event:

New Moon in intuitive Cancer

It’s the best time to:

Focus on the positive aspects of your life, and think about what you want to manifest in your life six months from now.

June 29th: Live more, live freely!

On Wednesday, the Moon and adventurous Uranus are working together to amplify your intuition and confidence, so you can find new ways to celebrate life and have an exciting routine. 

Astrology Event:

Moon and adventurous Uranus in a harmonious angle

It’s the best time to:

Change up your routine, this could be as simple as adding cream to your coffee or doing a more challenging exercise routine, or adding a 30-minute walk to your day. Challenge yourself! Stir things up and live a little!

June 30th: Choose love and forgiveness 

On Thursday, the intuitive Cancer Moon is in tension with the transformational planet Pluto. Protect your relationships and prepare for a challenging day, choose love and forgiveness and drop your ego.

Astrology Event:

Intuitive Cancer Moon is in tension with the transformational planet Pluto

It’s the best time to:

Let your heart rest and your mind at ease, try not to give meaning to any words that might be spoken due to heightened emotions.

July 1st: Be patient and find inner peace

On Friday, Proactive Mars is at a difficult angle to the planet of rebirth Pluto. This day will be full of power struggles, you’d want to be powerful and successful right away, be patient, and just be. 

Astrology Event:

Assertive Mars is at a difficult angle to Pluto

It’s the best time to:

You’re exploring different paths to abundance and not all paths are straight, trust your journey and find inner peace on this day. Trust the journey.

July 2nd: Communicate with ease

On Saturday, communicative Mercury is in harmony with disciplined Saturn. An amazing day that aligns your thoughts into actions. You’ll be able to communicate with ease with your wants and desires. 

Astrology Event: 

Mercury is in harmony with disciplined Saturn

It’s the best time to:

Focus on challenging tasks that have been burdening you all week, it’ll be a lot easier to deal with them on this day.

July 3rd: Moon enters Virgo

On Sunday, the Moon enters practical and humble Virgo. As an Earth sign, Virgo will urge you to engage in physical activity that’s best to spend outdoors. You’ll feel more aligned with yourself and the source when you do this.

Astrology Event: 

Moon enters practical, humble Virgo

It’s the best time to:

This new chapter is moving you to a space of inner alignment, the energy shifts and your results will too.