June 6, 2022

Weekly Astrology Forecast: June 6, 2022 – June 12, 2022


Dear Spiritual Seeker, 

This week will be one heck of a ride, you will become organized and motivated at the start of the week and have a major mood change mid this week. Finally, at the end of this week, you’ll feel lots of love and good vibration. 

June 6th: Hyper focus

On Monday, the Moon is in organized and goal setter Virgo helping you get those to-do lists done within the day, and providing a productive and centered energy.

Astrology Event:

The Moon is in focused Virgo 

It’s the best time to:

Despite being focused and organized Virgo is also known to be a perfectionist, bask in your productive energy but don’t fret when things don’t go your way. What matters is what you’ve accomplished. 


June 7th: New Lunar Cycle

On Tuesday, the First Quarter Moon in the sign of organized Virgo encourages you to believe, affirm and manifest your dreams. You can also plan ahead and the action steps to achieve them. Treat this Lunar Cycle as your new beginning. 

Astrology Event:

First Quarter Moon in Virgo

It’s the best time to:

Put your past behind you, and take the steps forward to your future. Pave the way to your success and release those that weigh you down and hinder your progress.


June 8th: Balance

On Wednesday, the Moon enters diplomatic and balanced Libra, and this day will be all about invoking beauty and harmony, this will bring some balance back into your life, especially if you’ve lost some of it during the Mercury Retrograde that ended last week.

Astrology Event:

The Moon enters sociable Libra 

It’s the best time to:

This is a great day to go back into a routine that you’ve taken for granted or to reconnect with friends and family you haven’t seen for long.


June 9th: Irritability

On Thursday the Libra Moon is in tension with ambitious Mars, be prepared for a cranky mood. Find your center, and your inner stillness, and listen to positive affirmations before you begin your day.  

Astrology Event:

Libra Moon is in tension with ambitious Mars

It’s the best time to:

Consume high vibe foods that would not contribute to your low vibration on this day. Eat some fruits, and colorful vegetables and listen to relaxing music.


June 10th: Appeal and charm

On Friday, communicative Mercury is in harmony with transformative Pluto, boosting your charisma and magnetism towards others. Making your more attractive and appealing – making this the best time to ask for favors. 

Astrology Event:

Mercury is in harmony with Pluto

It’s the best time to:

You are confident and attractive on this day, it would also be a breeze to express what you want. Whatever you do today could transform your next days to come.


June 11th: Intuition

On Saturday, devoted Venus is in harmony with intuitive Uranus, get ready for some surprises in all areas of your life!

Astrology Event:

Devoted Venus is in harmony with intuitive Uranus

It’s the best time to:

Use your intuition and listen to your heart to guide you on your tasks on this day.  


June 12th: Optimism

On Sunday, the Moon enters optimistic Sagittarius providing positive vibes and a bright outlook.

Astrology Event:

Moon enters optimistic Sagittarius


It’s the best time to:

You are likely to be innately hopeful, expansive, and passionate which makes this an amazing day for manifestation.