March 6, 2023

Weekly Astrology Forecast: March 6, 2023 – March 12, 2023


Dear Spiritual Seeker, 

This week’s astrology forecast can help you take advantage of the potent energy of the Full Moon in Virgo to unlock your inner power! 

The theme for this week is adventure, confidence, and balance. The stars are aligned to help you create positive changes in your life. 

Discover how these cosmic connections can give you insights into yourself, your work, relationships, and dreams!


March 6th: Embrace stillness

On Monday, the dreamy Pisces Sun transits unexpected Uranus in calming Taurus. Allowing you to tap into your inner creativity and go on an adventure. To embrace stillness and authenticity.

Astrology Event:
Pisces Sun and Uranus in Taurus transit

It’s the best time to:
Do something invigorating, a word of caution though you may have the tendency to feel emotional. Just feel it and allow it to pass, don’t dwell on it, and focus on your inner stillness.


March 7th: Heal

On Tuesday, the Full Moon in practical Virgo brings a new dawn, allowing us to set aside the past and start fresh. 

Astrology Event:
Full Moon in Virgo

It’s the best time to:
Take time to reflect, find balance, and create order in your life. This could mean organizing and simplifying your space, or doing some shadow work to help heal and uncover issues that are holding you back. If you’re feeling creative, use the Virgo energy to focus on your artistic projects.


March 8th: Strive for balance

On Wednesday, the Moon is in diplomatic Libra reminds us to connect with those around us and strive for balance in our relationships.

Astrology Event:
Libra Moon

It’s the best time to:
Spend quality time with the people you love. Whether it be attending a social gathering, going out on a date, or having a cozy night in. Take the time to appreciate what you have and show your appreciation towards your loved ones. Libra is associated with beauty, music, and art being ruled by Venus. Creating something special with the people you care about is a wonderful idea under a Libra moon.


March 9th: Be mindful of the decisions you make

On Thursday, the Moon in diplomatic Libra opposition expansive Jupiter. You may find yourself at odds with the law and the government during this journey. You can also be prone to squander and luxury. There may be disagreements, drawbacks, or issues in your romantic connection.

Astrology Event:
Moon in Libra Opposes Jupiter 

It’s the best time to:
Focus on relationships and communication. Reach out to the people you love and build deeper connections. You can also plan self-care activities with your friends, such as yoga and meditation, to further enhance your relationships. This is also a fantastic time to create balance in your life. 


March 10th: Go inward and explore your emotions.

On Friday, the deep and mysterious Scorpio Moon wants us to get tactile, pushing us to go within and explore our innermost desires. 

Astrology Event:
Scorpio Moon

It’s the best time to:
The Scorpio Moon is a very powerful energy and can cause us to feel more intense emotions. Taking some time out to relax can help you to work through any emotions that may come up during this lunar transit. You might also want to try journaling, and spending time in nature. 


March 11th: Take advantage of the positive energy and productivity

On Saturday, with loving Venus and assertive Mars in alignment, we feel determined and confident. Take advantage of the positive energy and productivity that this alignment brings. When these two male and female planets are aligned, it is a great time to focus on creativity and productivity. 

Astrology Event:
Venus and Mars in alignment

It’s the best time to:
If you’re planning or organizing an event or undertaking a creative project, this alignment can provide you with extra energy and motivation to complete it. On the other hand, if you’re looking to explore your relationships, it’s a great time to work on your self-confidence and communication skills


March 12th: Tap into your deepest desires

On Sunday, the deep Scorpio Moon is connecting with dreamy Neptune, creating an opportunity for a magical, spiritual journey. Tap into your deepest desires and connect with your inner self and the magical world around you. 

Astrology Event:
Scorpio Moon connects with Neptune

It’s the best time to:
Meditate, practice rituals, and engage in creative activities to open up to a glorious expression of truth. Let this day be a reminder of our infinite potential to journey through life with peace and acceptance.


In Closing:

Make sure to open your divine reading before the Full Moon in Virgo on the 7th!

A Full Moon is one of the most powerful periods to manifest and reflect..

We can look forward to a new era of promise and potential. This can indicate a period of great change and opportunity for personal growth, luck, and wealth.