November 28, 2022

Weekly Astrology Forecast: November 28, 2022 – December 4, 2022


Dear Spiritual Seeker, 

Thanksgiving is over and now we are headed to the most joyous time of the year as we approach the month of December! This week we are given plenty of opportunities to manifest our desires. Once during the First Quarter Moon in Pisces and another one o Saturday. Which will bring your divine powers to come to light!

November 28th: You are motivated

On Monday, you will feel motivated, ambitious, and brave as bold Mars works in unison with dependable Saturn to help you complete your to-do list.

Astrology Event:
Mars joins Saturn

It’s the best time to:
Lay out your plans for the week, who knows? You might finish a week worth’s of tasks in just a day! The Universe is on your side, you are disciplined and productive.

November 29th: You have superb judgement

On Tuesday, Mercury is interacting with trustworthy Saturn. Offering a preciseness in focus and a sharp mind that enable you to handle data and new information, as well as making pivotal choices, and exercising superb judgment.

Astrology Event:
Mercury is interacting with Saturn

It’s the best time to:
If there are any problems that were unresolved in the past, in your area of finances or business – today is the best time to address them. Due to your pure judgment

November 30th: You are balanced

On Wednesday, we have the First Quarter Moon in intuitive Pisces. Urging you to balance your energies and listen IN to your inner self.

Astrology Event:
First Quarter Moon in Pisces

It’s the best time to:
It’s a great day to explore arts and other forms to express creativity, you may also practice esoteric and metaphysical activities. A splendid day to manifest your desires and reflect on past decisions.

December 1st: You are forgiving

On Thursday, loving Venus is interacting with enterprising Mars, producing romantic tension. Spend time with loved ones and avoid talking about past mistakes as it may bring back the pain.

Astrology Event:
Social Venus is interacting with Mars

It’s the best time to:
It’s a terrific time to get back in the game and explore your options; if you’re in a relationship, try going on an adventure with your partner to infuse new, exciting energy.

December 2nd: You are in alignment

On Friday, The vibrant Sagittarius Sun is in harmony with the fiery Aries Moon. Being both Fire signs, there will be an amazing flow of energy on this day. Making you feel aligned and calm.

Astrology Event:
The Sagittarius Sun is in harmony with the Aries Moon

It’s the best time to:
Go with the flow and you can accomplish anything, don’t go against the tide and let it be. Be one with the force.

December 3rd: You are powerful

On Saturday, reflective Neptune goes direct into dreamy Pisces. This is a very special time when the veil is thinner between different worlds. It will allow you to connect with your spirit guides and meditate deeply.

Astrology Event:
Neptune goes direct into Pisces

It’s the best time to:
You are more powerful than ever on this day, make sure to manifest your desires and connect with your guides and guardians. Meditate to your heart’s content.

December 4th: You are loving

On Sunday, loving Venus interacts with keen Neptune. You are adulatory and dreamy.

Astrology Event:
Venus interacts with Neptune.

It’s the best time to:
Use your magnificence and endearing qualities as tools to express yourself in fresh, authentic ways. When you see yourself positively this will change your viewpoint and discover a new side of yourself!

In Closing:

December, as the last month in the calendar, is a symbol of culmination, where everything comes full circle. The spiritual meaning of December emphasizes unity and trust, a connection to the divine, and success in all facets of life, challenges, and commitments.

It also points to a period when your own personal power is put to the test; success will require bravery, risk-taking, trust, and compassion.

The Universe is waiting for you to fulfill your divine purpose, but first, you will be tested, your path will seem to be different but it’s just a distraction…

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