November 6, 2022

Weekly Astrology Forecast: November 7, 2022 – November 13, 2022


Dear Spiritual Seeker, 

This week we will be having the Full Moon as well as a Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. Eclipse is a way for us to release pent-up energy.

However, this eclipse on the 8th is a lucky one. If you’re planning to open a savings account or invest in a new business – it’s the best time to do so on this day!

November 7th: Complications in relationships

On Monday, loving Venus is in conflict with Saturn, the planet of duty, which can result in delays, complications, and marital strain or tension.

Astrology Event:
Venus in conflict with Saturn

It’s the best time to:
Do appreciate your loved ones today, and don’t bring up old wounds – a simple conversion and turn into a full-blown argument. Find time for self-care and relish nature.

November 8th: Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

On Tuesday, you’re urged to focus on the things that actually matter, you have to remember that being grateful right now attracts even more great things to happen to you.

Astrology Event:
Full Moon and Lunar eclipse in Taurus 

It’s the best time to:
Gratefulness is the language of the Universe, if you take things for granted the Universe thinks you don’t need them. If you are grateful for what you have – the Universe understands that you need more of it. Find your priority.

November 9th: Step outside the box

On Wednesday, the sensitive Scorpio Sun is connecting to spontaneous Uranus urging you to shake things up with your routine to bring about different results than you least expect.

Astrology Event:
The Scorpio Sun is connecting to Uranus 

It’s the best time to:
Do the same things and you get the same results, do different things and processes and expect different results! Sometimes we need to step out of the box to reach new heights! Don’t be afraid to try something new.

November 10th: Experience elegance

On Thursday, loving Venus is in harmony with visionary Neptune. A planetary transit that inspires you to devote time to the ones you care about, immerse yourself in elegance and culture, and use your imagination.

Astrology Event:
Venus is in harmony with Neptune

It’s the best time to:
If you think collecting art is an investment, today might be your lucky day to go art shopping! Or experience cultures different from your own.

November 11th: Preserve balance

on Friday, the mysterious Scorpio Sun is in tension with restrictive Saturn – your priority should be self-care to preserve balance since this transit may present difficulties.

Astrology Event:
The Scorpio Sun is in tension with Saturn 

It’s the best time to:
Start your day with an affirmation meditation and claim all the good things to happen on this day. Nothing can go wrong and you are n control. 

November 12th: Get to know your highest self

On Saturday, the interaction between analytical Mercury and visionary Neptune enhances mysticism, vision, and awareness.

Astrology Event:
Mercury interacts with Neptune

It’s the best time to:
On this day, the veil between the two worlds is very thin. If you want to talk to your spirit guides or reach the highest states of meditation it’s better to do it on this day.

November 13th: Family day

On Sunday, friendly Venus is in harmony with fierce Pluto. You will be inspired to show your vulnerable self to your partner or your loved ones.

Astrology Event:
Venus is in harmony with Pluto

It’s the best time to:

Connect with your loved ones, show them and tell them how you feel, and spend an awesome day with them.

In Closing:

November is the sacred warrior in terms of spirituality, serving as a mirror to show us that we are engaged in an inner struggle. We are encouraged to realign, refocus, and reclaim ou

The Universe is waiting for you to fulfill your divine purpose, but first, you will be tested, your path will seem to be different but it’s just a distraction…

Don’t forget your real purpose, dear one…

Should you choose to accept this mission, there’s no doubt that November 2022 will be your best month ever.

Be one step ahead and not be blindsided by fate, destiny can be really tricky…

But you have to take action before November 8th — wherein there is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

Allow yourself to be 10 steps ahead today with this time-sensitive reading, for November.