February 23, 2022

What Are The “Unlucky” Animal Signs This 2022 And What Can You Do To Change Your Luck?



Snake natives will face challenges this year especially when it comes to career, don’t meddle in office politics or gossip as this would affect your business deals. Expect that you would also be a subject of gossip, put your head up and just ignore them and focus on your job. Getting emotional will just make it worse. Deal this with logic. 

However, when this happens you will still receive the support of your superior and your family. So your fate is not all totally bleak. If you keep your faith and stay loyal to your superior or business partners, you will still most likely come out of this year unscathed. You can still turn your overall fortune around.

Your emotion is your number one enemy – you must learn to control them, especially in situations where it’s better to be objective. Your adversaries will use this against you and see it as a weakness. You have to toughen up and find your inner strength.

When it comes to love, male snakes may meet their match. You will also need to be careful not to play with fire especially when it involves a former lover who is already committed. Your temper is also one thing you should pay attention to as this can cause countless commotions with family members.


2022 will be a rollercoaster ride for Monkey natives, there will be a lot of unexpected turn of events. The best thing to do is to play safe and keep your head down. However, despite being one of the “unlucky” signs this year, there will still be opportunities to advance in your career, to be noticed by your superiors, and have a booming business if you’re a business owner. 

But it will be short-lived so make sure to save lots of money when this short burst of luck happens. 

You have to work extra hard to retain whatever success you will accomplish, strive for perfection in your work and maintain an excellent work ethic. You should also however expect pitfalls that will most likely happen. But don’t be disheartened and be brave. Put your talents to good use and be optimistic about the future.

When it comes to love, Monkeys will experience hardships, divorce or breakups are possible. Single Monkeys may go on a couple of dates but there won’t meet anyone who will really sway them.


The Pig is one of the unlucky signs this year, however, the effects will be quite minimal compared to the other animals mentioned in this article.

Despite being on this list, there are some lucky stars still in favor of the Pig. There will be opportunities for them in their careers, particularly a promotion or a raise. They will also get noticed at work for their exceptional talent and skills. If you are a Pig native and you are thinking about switching jobs – you will stand out among the rest of the applicants. 

If you’re a business owner some people in the industry will be willing to collaborate with you to let the business grow. But be careful not to trust easily because they just might be doing that to steal your trade secrets and throw you under the bus when push comes to shove. 

There is also a high chance that your competitors will be more cutthroat and might even result in cheating or stealing your trade secrets, they may even sway your own clients.

When it comes to love this will be a challenging year for Pig natives, arguments and breakups are most likely to happen. The fate is the same for married and single Pig natives. This is not the year that love will flourish. Do your best to protect your loved one and try to control your temper.

How can you counter bad luck in the Year of the Water Tiger?

According to experts, to counter bad luck this year you should wear a symbolism of other animal signs depending on your sign.

If you are a Monkey native, you should be wearing a dragon, mice, or rooster symbolisms or accessories. This dissipates negative energy. You could buy something for your house or you could wear them,

If you are born in the year of the Snake, you can use or wear a symbol of cow or chicken. 

If you’re a Pig native you need to wear or possess rabbit or sheep accessories.

Home Feng Shui to combat bad luck:

Snake, Monkey, and Pig natives can minimize misfortunes by getting a Prosperity Ship or Golden Happy Buddha statue. Locate the southeast area of their house or office and place it there.

You can also place a fountain with moving water in the northeast area of your home to increase wealth and good fortune.