April 11, 2022

What do Venus and Mars In Aquarius bring to your life?


On the morning of March 6th, we have a very exciting moment when Venus and Mars both enter Aquarius within a seven-minute time span. This will create a conjunction until the end of the month and things look set to heat up in the most unique and dazzling way!

In the birth chart, a person with Venus in Aquarius tends to be attracted to people who are unique, quirky, or march to the beat of their own drum.

Let’s learn more about how these planets are going to act in Aquarius!

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Venus in Aquarius in the Birth Chart

These people are not so concerned with how a person looks or what they do for a living. If you want to attract a Venus in Aquarius person, be unique!

Venus in Aquarius represents a person who has an interest in arts and music which is often alternative and not the norm. They also have their own unique style and there is nothing they like better than exploring new and fascinating concepts.

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Mars in Aquarius in the Birth Chart

In the birth chart, a person with Mars in Aquarius people are passionate and progressive.

When the planet of energy means the sign of individualism, we can expect someone who possesses an eccentric air about them and who throws their soul and passion into ideas that are different and even futuristic.

These people are revolutionaries and you can expect a person with Mars in Aquarius to champion the latest ideas and incorporate their own methods into them to make them even more fascinating.

As lovers, they are very adventurous and always willing to try new things!

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Venus in Aquarius Transit

When Venus is transitting in Aquarius, we can expect a time that is full of upheaval, especially in our relationships.

We may be more drawn to partners who aren’t usually the ‘type’ we go for. We may find ourselves suddenly venturing into the world of dating. We may find ourselves watching movies or reading books outside our typical realm of comfort.

This transit also yields unexpected surprises so receiving messages out of the blue or random encounters with others is entirely possible.

Mars in Aquarius Transit

When Mars is transitting Aquarius, it is usually a time of revolution in some area of our lives and we may find ourselves throwing our passion into ideas or movements we had not previously considered.

We may be more inclined to think of the future and consider new options and horizons. It is possible for some of us that we may have “Eureka” moments that result in us taking a completely different direction!

During this transit, we are more idealistic and more likely to come together for a worthy cause.

What Happens When Venus & Mars Enter Aquarius?

When the planet of love and the planet of energy enter Aquarius, this conjunction will represent a powerful and dramatic time of change—so it’s always best to be prepared!

We can expect sudden changes to our personal lives and to the world at large. We may start to reach new ways of thinking and explore new topics and subjects that had not previously held our interest. We may start to feel a change within ourselves that we don’t fully understand or witness these changes in others.

Use These Tips To Survive This Conjunction

Naturally, we cannot completely predict what will happen, but here are some tips to get you started:

1. Keep a Diary of Events

One thing about this conjunction is that it yields the unexpected. So if you don’t already have a diary, now is the time to get one! Keep a note each day of what happens and you will start to notice the changes as they unravel, which can be very exciting – and, of course, unexpected!

2. Write Down a List of Your Passions

During this time, our passionate nature comes to the forefront and we are likely to be buzzing with ideas. Write a list down of the different things that make you feel passion during this period as you can then reflect back on it – one or more of these may even lead to something long-term for you!

3. Be Open to New Ideas

Aquarius is a revolutionary sign and it encourages us to step outside of our comfort zone. This can mean internally or externally.

But if you find there are obstacles in your way in various areas of your life, this conjunction can help shake you out of them. Even if something seems like it is not your cup of tea at the time, keeping an open mind can lead to some powerful experiences for you in the future that can have a tremendous effect on your spiritual development.

Get Ready To Rumble With Venus & Mars In Aquarius

With Venus and Mars in Aquarius, there is so much waiting for us! Combined, they represent a powerful force. Granted, it may not be easy … but it will most certainly be eye-opening.

This revolutionary sign encourages you to tap into your deepest self and find your core purpose. You have the ability to reach out and grasp opportunities during this transit, even if they are not immediately clear to you at the time.

Remember, keep an open mind, embrace your own unique individual self, and let the waves of the cosmos guide you!