February 23, 2022

What is most accurate–Chinese or Western astrology?


Chinese Astrology is an important element of this country’s culture, describing how people should interact with each other and their environment. 

Some astrologers say that our Chinese Zodiac sign is even more accurate than the Western zodiac sign for a number of reasons.

Both Western and Chinese Astrology seems basically the same at a superficial level. These systems have 12 zodiac signs represented by a specific animal (Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig.)

However, each Chinese zodiac sign is based on a year of birth instead of a month, predicting your personality traits, social interactions, and compatibility with others.

In addition, the Chinese zodiac has five elements to create a cycle for each zodiac sign, your birth date, month, and time, making everything a lot more complex than Western Astrology.

And unlike the Western zodiac, your Chinese Horoscope is not something set in stone. It’s up to every person to use this knowledge to have a better life in the future.

It’s Much Older

Chinese Astrology dates back for thousands of years, at least 5000! On the other hand, the Western Horoscope came 3000 years after, when adopted by Plato, Aristotle, and other Greek philosophers.

It’s More Complex

Each birth year in Chinese Astrology comes around every 12 years, which is a sign of bad luck. Chinese people wear red outfits and send gifts to their loved ones to ward off this adverse fortune.

Also, the Chinese zodiac it’s not just the birth year animal description. Each year is divided into 12 months and each day of the month into 12 periods of time. Therefore, your birth time and month also impact your Chinese Horoscope and year’s outlook.

It Was Only Reserved For Royalty

Farmers first used western Astrology to predict when to harvest their crops or the weather forecast. It was until much later that kings adopted to make royal decisions. 

However, the emperor always used Chinese astrology to rule his kingdom successfully.

It’s More Than Mere Motivation

Your Chinese Zodiac has excellent insights into your personality traits and what drives you, just like your Western zodiac sign. 

However, it can also tell you when to take successful opportunities while navigating a world influenced by other elements and zodiac signs.

It Connects Heaven And Earth

The Western Horoscope is based on the position of the stars, but your Chinese zodiac sign considers your circumstances on Earth (birth date, year, and time). At the same time, it analyzes heavenly forces to determine your future luck.

It’s Always Changing

Chinese Astrology is based on elements, pretty much like Western Astrology. In Chinese Astrology, there are five elements Mu (wood), Jin (metal), Huo (fire), Shui (water), and Tu (Earth).

But they don’t remain static. They change according to a cycle of control and creation. For instance, wood fuels fire, but water puts out fire.

Similarly, your environment influences your life constantly, making the Chinese Horoscope more accurate.

It’s More Personal

Western Astrology has 500 different combinations of characteristics making up its horoscopes. In comparison, Chinese Astrology has over 13 million combinations, including each person’s birth year, month, and time, making it much more personalized than a Western Birth Chart.

You Can Change Your Destiny

Chinese astrologers say that birth year is not just a fun predictor of your personality traits. It’s a powerful tool that helps you take the reins of your future.

Today, many Chinese people consider their birth year before making important decisions about their relationships, career paths, or even conceiving their children.

Understanding your Chinese zodiac sign can forecast hardships in the coming months or years, which helps you improve your life rather than letting fate take its course.