April 20, 2022

What is the best exercise for you based on your Chinese zodiac sign?


We all know that exercise is good for our health but let’s face it – not all have the willpower to make it part of our daily routine.

But what if there was an exercise aligned with your unique personality traits? 

This article tells you your best exercise based on your Chinese Zodiac Sign.


If you are a Rat, you don’t like extremely hard or monotonous exercises. You have a sharp mind and a resourceful nature, which is why a calisthenic workout could be a good choice for you.

You’ll never get bored since it involves doing different things like jumping jacks, dips, running, pull-ups and push-ups, etc. You can use various types of equipment and challenge yourself to be better.


Ox natives are powerful, confident, and trustworthy. That’s why you can handle powerlifting exercises! This will help your muscular endurance and boost your self-esteem each time you add weight to the bar.

Another advantage of these kind of exercises is that you can do it anywhere you like. If you don’t have official weights, you can try lifting some water bottles, soup cans, or even an old encyclopedia!

Your strong will and endurance will help you conquer this routine in no time.


Tigers have a lot of energy, so HIIT workouts match their fast-paced nature. You are like a cat sprinting all over the place and like to be constantly on the go.

However, you tend to burn out fast since you are fierce in the way you move, which is why a short but intense HIIT workout is perfect for you. 


Rabbits have a calm demeanor and prefer slow and soothing movements. Fast-paced or intense exercises make you want to quit before finishing the routine, so Yoga or Tai Chi are more suitable for you.

Although they are slow, these exercises will increase your flexibility and physical strength. And if you don’t like these options, going for a nice walk around the block could do wonders for your health.


Dragons are competitive and love challenges, so you might benefit from sports where you can play with an opponent like tennis or squash!

You’ll have so much fun while doing these activities that you won’t feel like you are working out.


Snakes like beioutdoors, which is why trekking or hiking are great workout options for you. Going for a daily hike in a place away from the city will boost your physical and mental well-being.

You’ll realize that many of your problems will be solved after these hikes.


Outdoor activities are the best option for you, Horse. You don’t like to feel confined in cramped quarters, so a run on the beach or in an open field will make you feel refreshed.

Traditional exercises bore you easily, so a nice walk under the starry night or looking at the sunset will keep your energy levels and zest for life high.


You don’t like to exert yourself when working out, which is why cycling could be a good option. You can handle regular but light exercise without getting tired. It’s important to pace yourself while exercising to prevent you from giving up.

Cycling can help you unwind and have a moment of reflection that will lead you to make better decisions in your life.


Monkeys are great for jogging. You are playful and lively, and jogging is a proper way to direct this energy into something useful.

Besides, Monkeys like to keep their legs strong and fast, so you will find your jogging routines enjoyable and fruitful.


If you are a Rooster, running is the best exercise for you, especially outdoors and covering expansive fields.

Roosters are competitive and would do great at competitions or marathons. Doing this will help you release emotional tension and embrace your desire to win.


You perform better when joining a group or having a fit friend to keep you motivated. That’s why soccer or volleyball are good exercises for you, feeding your need for socializing while keeping your body healthy.

You could also enjoy walks with your friends, and if you can meet new people in the process, even better!


You can do any type of exercise as long as someone makes you company. You like to support others and feel part of a group, which is why a fitness buddy will help you sustain your exercise routine for a long time.

So grab a friend and try working out in your nearest gym. A workout class together could be a fun way to stay fit and catch up, besides keeping you both accountable and ensuring you won’t miss a class.

Now it’s time to work out!

I hope the exercise based on your Chinese Zodiac Sign motivates you to get up and start a workout routine. 

Discipline cannot be bought in a store, but doing something that aligns with your character makes everything easier.

So try these workouts if you haven’t yet, and have fun!