April 20, 2022

What Moon Phase were you born under?


Your Moon sign reveals a lot about your personality, specifically how you process emotions and relate to others from a more intimate place.

But did you know that the Moon phase you were born under offers additional information about your inner self?

The Moon is the fastest celestial body we can analyze in a birth chart. It travels through all zodiac signs in a few weeks, taking specific distances from the mighty Sun, the center of our galaxy.

This lunar cycle is formed by eight different phases that last for three and a half days each:

New Moon Phase

Crescent or Waxing Crescent Moon Phase

First Quarter Moon Phase

Gibbous or Waxing Gibbous Moon Phase

Full Moon Phase

Disseminating or Waning Crescent Moon Phase

Third Quarter or Last Quarter Moon Phase

Balsamic or Waning Gibbous Moon Phase

The Moon’s Phases

New Moon

If you were born under a New Moon, you have a lot of energy and love to embark on new challenges. You feel excited about new beginnings and embrace them with enthusiasm, making you ready for new projects and ventures.

You jump into new proposals without thinking about how they will end. You are guided by your intuition but need to learn to evaluate your circumstances more carefully.

Being impulsive makes you fearless, but you need to be in charge of what’s happening to avoid problems.

Crescent Or Waxing Crescent

You are practical and like to spend time focusing on your projects at hand. You know that planning your steps helps you sustain your activities over time and make good progress in life.

You feel optimistic about the possibilities lying in front of you and usually feel confident in your skills. However, you feel like people expect too much from you, making you feel pressured and overwhelmed.

You must learn to find your inner center and stop paying attention to other people’s opinions about your potential.

Challenges don’t scare you because you are determined and ambitious. You just need to learn when it’s not worth it to keep going. Knowing when to give up will help you direct your energy toward things that make you happy.

First Quarter

If you were born under a First Quarter Moon, you are very active and work towards your accomplishments until your efforts come to fruition. 

However, you are too self-demanding and need to pace yourself to prevent anxiety from taking over your life.

You excel in most areas of your life thanks to your inner strength, yet you need to find a balance and focus on your spiritual journey once in a while.

Gibbous Or Waxing Gibbous

You have keen observational skills and are great at investigation. You like to go to the bottom of things and understand as much as you can about the people and places around you.

The same goes for your personality. You enjoy analyzing yourself and reflecting on your behaviors and impulses, asking probing questions to understand your psyche better.

Full Moon Phase

You have a dynamic personality and feel extreme mood swings. People either love or hate you, with no grays in between.

Your relationships are key for you to evolve, so you must learn to approach them as mirrors of your own personality. You’ll enjoy relating to different people, and learning valuable lessons through every one of them.

It would help if you learned to balance your ego and emotional needs to feel more peaceful with your circumstances.

Disseminating or Waning Crescent

You have high communicative and intellectual skills and can excel at public speaking, writing, and teaching. You have a lot of wisdom and are eager to share it with others.

However, you might get frustrated when people don’t take action from what you say, so it would be best to accept that you can’t control other people’s decisions. 

You are interested in humanitarian pursuits and are happy challenging the status quo.

Third Quarter Or Last Quarter

You feel comfortable with solitude since the world’s demands drain you, and you need some time alone to recharge your batteries.

You accumulate thoughts, feelings, and objects and periodically detach yourself from the things that no longer serve you. You can’t handle clutters and prefer to live with a lighter heart.

You will experience deep transformations in life that lead you to a completely different life path.

Balsamic Or Waning Gibbous

You have an old soul and that’s why you feel like you don’t fit in most of the time. You have heavy karmic baggage that you must release during this life, and most of your experiences will be focused on it.

You are highly sensitive to your surroundings as you are very intuitive and sensitive. You can predict events before they happen, and other people trust your impressions.

You’ll also undergo significant changes in your life to help you get in touch with your spiritual self.