March 13, 2023

What’s in the Stars in 2023? Mars in Gemini Crossing Neptune in Pisces

What's in the Stars in 2023

Have you ever looked up at the night sky and wondered what astrological possibilities lie ahead? Look no further! On March 13, 2023, we’ll experience a rare cosmic alignment of Mars in Gemini crossing Neptune in Pisces. This is an incredible moment that astrology enthusiasts won’t want to miss out on. Let’s take a look at what this means for us all and why it could signify a truly marvelous time for us all.


Mars/Gemini Energy 

Mars is about energy, courage, and ambition—it’s the planet of action. 

When it moves into Gemini, it brings with it an exciting energy that encourages us to explore new ideas and try new things.

We may feel inspired to learn new skills or become more creative with our projects.

This will be a great period of growth and development as we get out of our comfort zones and explore pastures new. 


Neptune/Pisces Energy 

Neptune stands for fantasy, creativity, imagination, and dreams—the planet of spirituality.

As Neptune moves through Pisces, we can expect to feel incredibly inspired by our surroundings and become swept away by the beauty of life itself.

Our intuition will be heightened during this time and our spiritual practice can reach new heights as we open ourselves up to divine guidance from above.

This is also a great period to connect with the natural world around us—we will find ourselves feeling increasingly connected with nature and her creatures as we tap into her immense power.  


The Crossing Point 

When these two planets meet in their individual signs at the same point in space (known as a “crossing point”), their energies combine like never before to create something truly special—a unique opportunity for us all to channel both creativity and ambition into making real progress towards our goals.

With both Mars and Neptune present here, this will be an exceptionally powerful moment that has the potential to manifest major changes if we are willing to work hard enough for them!


In Closing:

On March 13th, 2023 something special is happening.

Mars entering Gemini while crossing Neptune in Pisces is sure to bring out some extraordinary moments full of serenity and enthusiasm alike!

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With wisdom from the stars at your disposal, your horizons truly have no limits!