April 11, 2022

Why do you have empty houses on your birth chart?


If you are new to the fantastic world of Astrology, you’ve probably wondered if it’s a bad thing not to have a planet in one of the houses of your birth chart.

But there is no need to panic! You are not doomed, and that area of your life won’t encounter any problems.

This article will help clear the doubts regarding this topic.

Empty Houses in Your Birth Chart

Each Birth Chart has 12 houses that are populated by 13 planets, including the Moon, Chiron, and Lunar Nodes. 

Depending on the astrological setting, they are distributed randomly, which means that not all houses and zodiac signs will necessarily have a planet.

Our personalities are as unique as the picture on this astrology chart, a cosmic fingerprint that announces our talents, shortcomings, and life’s destiny.

So what does it means when a house has no planets in it? If your 7th House is empty, does it means that you won’t find happiness in your relationships? If your 2nd House is empty, you’ll never experience financial stability?

Of course not! The lack of celestial bodies in a house simply means that this area of your life won’t undergo specific incidents or challenges that other areas will experience.

Empty 1st House 

This House represents our personality, physical body, drive, and energy. If you don’t have any planets in here, it means that you have a strong sense of identity and a positive mindset.

Empty 2nd House

This House stands for our financial resources and material possessions. But an empty second house doesn’t herald scarcity. It shows that this area of your life will come naturally without major difficulties.

Empty 3rd House

The third House in Astrology represents our communication skills, as well as the relationship with our siblings, cousins, and neighbors. 

If you don’t find a planet there, it means that you don’t have problems relating to others and enjoy writing and sharing your experiences with the people around you.

Empty 4th House

Not having any planets in your House of family and emotions shows that the relationship with your mother flows easily, and you enjoy spending time at home with your loved ones. You also know how to nurture others and make them feel safe.

Empty 5th House

This House symbolizes your creative skills, hobbies, romantic affairs, and relationship with your first child.

An empty 5th house means that you find pleasure in your activities and enjoy a solid connection with your child.

Empty 6th House

The 6th House influences your health habits, work, and colleagues. If you find it empty, you don’t have to worry about your office’s problematic health conditions or power struggles.

Empty 7th House

An empty 7th house means that you don’t have to solve any karmic issues regarding your relationships. You’ll enjoy successful love life with no more struggles than the ordinary.

Empty 8th House

This is the House where the darkest and most controversial issues lurk in the depths of our psyche. It’s also the place where we go to transform our most intense emotions into passion and drive.

If you don’t find a planet there, you’ll be able to go through deep transformations without experiencing complex emotional turmoil brought by your subconscious.

Empty 9th House

This is the House of education, philosophies, teaching, traveling, and adventure! These aspects of life will come easily for you since no planets are preventing you from expanding your horizons.

Empty 10th House

Having an empty ten house won’t affect your career or professional life! It might not represent a problematic aspect of your life, and you’ll enjoy an excellent social status thanks to it.

Empty 11th House

Friendships, group work, technology, and humanitarian concerns feel easy if you don’t find a planet in this House! You are creative and enjoy sharing your quirky and innovative ideas with others.

Empty 12th House

This is the House that influences the depths of the collective subconscious. It also represents our spiritual journey and past life karmas.

If you find this House empty, then you can breathe a sigh of relief! It means that you don’t have any issues to solve from past lives, and your spiritual journey won’t find many obstacles.