June 11, 2023

Your Daily Horoscope For 11th June 2023


A Day of Releasing Yesterday for Tomorrow's Embrace

This week concludes with a powerful shift – Pluto, the planet of transformation, steps boldly into the realm of Capricorn.

This cosmic nudge is a potent reminder for us to shed what’s old and stale.

It’s an invitation to reconstruct our lives on the strong foundations of wisdom and spiritual integrity.

If you are ready to tap into your inner force and unlock your limitless potential

…then it’s time to unleash your inner magic and the month of June will be filled with joy, abundance and wonder! 

I want you to join the top 1% of people alive today who have awakened their “third eye”

I want you to receive the rain of abundance the universe has prepared for you. 

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May the Universe bless you with abundance and joy beyond measure.

May the Force Be With You,
Sarah Lee | Master Astrologer
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